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Windows 98 Tips 1

Some of these work in XP, Vista and 7 to, also checkout the XP and 7 sections for more info on them.


Like to know where the kids go, while online, without physically watching them, check the Cookies. To look at the cookie file go to IE-Internet Options-General-Browsing History-Settings button-View Files button. You will see lines like this one "".

Speed up Internet Explorer

I am on a Cable Modem so in IE I have go to Tools-Connections-LAN settings button, Unchecked " Automatically detect settings" and "Use a Proxy Server" now IE will not look for the settings it already knows, which will speed up its startup time. Do this only if you do not need these checked, try unchecking them, then see if IE is faster and if nothing else happens leave them unchecked.

Speed up your Computer

64 megs of RAM use to be enough, but with the new games and software 512 megs for 98 and 3 to 8 gigs is now recommended for XP, Vista or 7, this is the best upgrade and cheapest way to speed up your computer.

Cleaning your Mouse

If you have a mouse with the rubber ball, you will want to clean it regularly. All you do is turn the mouse over, there is a round ring that holds the ball in, unscrew the ring and take the rubber ball out. Wash the ball with a damp rag, then, inside the mouse, where the ball was, are three small wheels, these wheels pick up lint and dust from the rubber ball. I use a Q tip, alcohol and a tweezers to clean them. I pull off as much of the lint as I can with the tweezers, then take the Q tip with a little alcohol on it and wipe the rollers until they are clean. Then, put the ball back in and screw the ring back in place. I now have the Intellimouse, if you have one of these you need to clean off the four oblong pads under the mouse, I use a little alcohol on a piece of paper towel. Your mice will move and respond like new after you clean them. I use an Optical Mouse and love it. There is a How-To with pictures here Cleaning Keyboard and Mouse.

Change your Mouse Pointer

Change the Default Arrow Pointer to a new one. Go to you Control Panel and open the Mouse Utility, go to the Pointers Tab the pick a Scheme, click Save. Here is a Screen Shot.

Windows Update Windows update page

One of the number one Tips to keeping Windows running smoothly is to update it regularly. Go to the Windows update page and download all the critical updates for your Computer. This site automatically downloads and installs the files for you and then, depending on the update asks you to restart your computer, click yes, it will automatically restart your computer for you. You will have to go back to the site to install more updates or check multiple updates.

Deleted something by mistake

Deleted stuff goes to the Recycle Bin on your Desktop, just open it and right click on the file or folder you deleted and choose Restore, it will be put back to it's original location.

What size is this Folder ( How many MB )

Right click on the Folder and choose Properties, it will tell you how many MB and Bytes a folder or file is.

Find a File, Folder or IE link

Go to Start-Find-Folders or Files, use Search in XP and Vista, Windows 7 has the Search Box right in the Start Menu, select the drive you want to search, type in what you are looking for click the Find Now button. If you put *mikes* stars like that around it, called Wild Cards, it will do a more complete search, like if you are looking for a picture and know it is a .jpg, but do not know the name *.jpg* it will find all the .jpg on the harddrive.

System Properties ( Device Manager ) shortcut

Right click on My Computer and choose Properties, in Vista and 7 it is called Computer, the System Properties will open.

Shortcut to the Network Utility in the Control Panel

Right click on the Network Icon on your Desktop and choose Properties. In XP, Vista and 7 go to the Control Panel and click the Network and Sharing Center.

Clear the My Documents List in the Start Menu 98

Go to Start-Settings-Taskbar & Start Menu, the Taskbar Properties opens, click the Start Menu Programs Tab, then click the Clear Button under the Documents menu.

Clean the Desktop of Icons

Is your Desktop full of Icons ( short cuts ), What I do is create Folders in the Taskbar and put the Icons in the Folders or Taskbar, all you do is single click and hold the mouse button down with the mouse on the Icon, then drag it to the Taskbar ( the Gray bar at the bottom of your Desktop ) a black line will appear where it can be placed, when you see that, let go of the mouse button. Now when you have a lot of Icons in the Taskbar you will get a little double arrow, which when clicked on, it will scroll open. Now if you right click on a empty spot on the Desktop and choose New-Folder, a Folder will appear on your Desktop, name the Folder with what Icons you want in it, here is a screen shot of mine Mikes Taskbar as you see I have the folders named for the different shortcuts I use. This will clean up your Desktop so you can enjoy the background picture and make it easier to find a shortcut. In XP, Vista and Windows 7 right click on your Desktop and choose New-Folder name the folder, like Desktop Files and then drag the shortcuts into the folder.

Microsoft Tool 98 Search Microsoft Tool

If you are getting Error Messages, write them down and go here to look for information about what is causing the Error. Type in the Error and click search, you will not always find an answer but when you do, the information helps you trouble shoot the problem.

MSCONFIG Link to Picture

To get to msconfig, in Windows 98
A. Go to the Start menu.
B. Launch Run.
C. Type in msconfig
D. Hit OK.
Go to the Startup Tab, click it open. You will see boxes some checked some not. A tech told me the only thing you need checked is System Tray and Explorer, these run the computer, all the rest are running in your desk top system tray ( bottom right hand corner of your computer ) they are running all the time and take up CPU time and ram. Windows 95 owners can download what I use, which is Startup Cop, (Link to a picture of it) it does the same thing, only easier to use, I am running 98 and like using Startup Cop better than msconfig. Here is a list of some programs that may be starting up and shown in msconfig and what they are for and if they need to be checked Startup Programs.

To Remove old programs listed in the msconfig-Startup Tab Window, do the following:

Download Mike Lins Startup Panel and it gives you the option to delete entries.

To Cut, Copy and Paste in Windows

All you do is Right Click on the file or folder, go to Copy, click once, ( Copy, if all you want to do is make an exact copy of it in another folder ), next right click on the folder you want to move it to, right click and go to Paste and click once, the file or folder will be placed there. To Cut and Paste you do the same thing, only with Cut, it removes the file or folder from that location and places it in the new one. I have a Hard Drive Slaved off my main Drive, I download files to my main Drive and then Cut and Paste the .ZIP files to a folder on the Slaved Drive, I store them there in case I need to Reinstall them.


You may notice this in the MSconfig Window, MDAC Run Once Wrapper (mdac_runonce). This is required for Microsoft Data Access Components. Although it should only 'run once', it actually runs once per session and is therefore required by MDAC. Leave it checked. If it is creating problems, try unchecking it in -msconfig-Startup Tab, I just unchecked it or here is a Registry fix from Microsoft to remove it from the Registry mdac_runonce .

Run Programs in the System Tray

To have a Program Run down in the System Tray, all you do is go into the programs Options or Properties and there should be a Box you check, that says, Start at Windows Startup, Key Words being, Windows Startup.

Windows CD Key 98 only

Lost the Windows CD Key , you can find it in the Windows Registry, Go to Run-Type in regedit and go to HKEY_Local_Machine_Software_Microsoft_Windows_Current Version ( Screen Shot ) open Current Version look for the ProductKey. This does not work for XP, Vista or 7 the Keys are encrypted and you need speacial software to find and decode it. XP, Vista and 7 all encrypt the Product Key now and you need speacial software to find and decrypt it.

Windows Registry User Information 98 only

Bought a used Computer and want to Change the Owners Information, Go to Run-Type in regedit-Go to-HKEY_Local_Machine-Software-Microsoft-User information ( Screen Shot ). Make sure you only change what is between the " such as "Mike" to "Phil" . Go to File-Save to save your Registry Changes and before you make the changes you may want to backup the Registry First.

Windows Registry --Add/Remove Entry 98 only

You Uninstalled a program and it is still listed in the Add/Remove Window, to remove the entry go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall key. Look for the subkey with that programs name and delete it.

Windows Shut Down Problems

If you are having problems when trying to shut down Windows, with Blue Screens or it hanging or restarting when it is suppose to shut down, go to this page for Information on correcting it. Troubling Shooting Shut Downs in Windows98.

BIOS or Setup

Sometimes you may need to go into the Bios to Boot to a different Device, be very careful you can really mess up your Computer by changing the wrong things. To get into the Bios or Setup, when your Computer first starts up you get that black screen, as it first starts to show that black screen push a certain Key, on mine I push the Delete Key, yours may be different check in your Computers Manual. Once you are in Setup you will be using your Key Board not your Mouse.
In my Bios or Setup I go to the Advanced Section, mine is listed as follows:
1st Boot Device: IDE0
2nd Boot Device: CDROM
Try other Boot Devices; Yes
IDE0 is your Main Primary Drive C, IDE1 would be a Harddrives that is Slaved off your Main Drive, CDROM is the CD-ROM, try other Boot Devices is A or others if you have them.
To boot to the CD-Rom you would have it listed as follows:
1st Boot Device: CDROM
2nd Boot Device; IDE0
Try others---Yes
So remember, IDE0 Primary Drive, IDE1-2-3-4-5-6 would be Drives Slaved to the Primary Drive, CDROM=CD-ROM, Try other= Yes. It will ask you when you leave if you would like to Save your Changes type Y and hit enter. Like I said before BE CAREFUL!!! (-:

Windows Sound Utility

Stop that annoying music at Windows Startup. Sound Utility

Windows/Outlook Express Create Stationery Wizard

Learn how to make your own Stationery by using Outlooks Wizard

Windows Volume Control in Task Bar how to remove

To remove the Volume Control ( Little Speaker ) in the Task Bar go to Remove Volume Control
Running out of Harddisk space go to WindowsTips2 page for how to free up some space.

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