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Building my own Computer, selecting and ordering the parts.

I built a new computer and posted the process step by step as I put it all together, links below.

01/25/08 Update on this computer: Rebuild
2/06/03 The first step is to figure out what to buy. I first decided on the Processor, I wanted one faster then 2000 MHZ, because all the new games coming out will require at least a 2000 MHZ processor, so I decided on an AMD XP 2600+ Socket A CPU that runs on a 333 MHZ FSB. I could have gone with a faster one but then the price jumps $100.00, this one will cost $286.00. I'm trying to stay in the $1,200.00 price range with this Box, I have the Monitor so I am only building the box.
Next I had to pick out a Mother Board ( Mobo ) for that processor. Mother Boards are designed for different Processors ( cpu ) , the one I decided on is the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe ( A7=Athlon Series, N=NForce Chipset, 8X=AGP 8X ), this board is awesome. It was tested with the Graphics card I am getting, the ATI RADEON 9700 Pro the best card on the market to date, the Mobo cost is $139.00 and the ATI Radeon is $338.00.
Next I needed to decide on what RAM to use with the Mobo, the Mobo supports PC3200, so I decided on using a single 512MB PC3200 module. The cost of the RAM is $175.00. I do not need to buy a Sound Card, this Mobo comes with the latest greatest on board, it also has two RJ45 Network connections.
Next I need a case to put the Mobo in and the other goodies, I decided on the SX1040B Performance Series ATX server chassis with 400W ATX 12V 2.03 power supply, Black Case.
OK were getting there, next I need a Harddrive, I'm going with the Maxtor 60 gig 7200 rpm ATA 133, right now I am figuring on only one drive, mainly because I will be using my old computer for games, surfing and I am going to put Linux on one of the drives to play around with. I run Windows 98 SE on that computer and some of the stuff I use for the Web Site will not work on XP. This drive costs $77.00.
Now I have a Harddrive, now the Operating System. I'm torn between XP Pro and XP Home, I am not going to set it up as a server, then again, the Mobo I'm getting is setup with two network connects just for this purpose, I'm thinking that I could connect a Hub to the extra RJ45 and use it as a Game Server inside the House, for Lan Parties ! I'm leaning towards XP Pro, that it the most voted for on my XP page too. Cost $122.00
OK getting there, now a Keyboard $25.00, a Intellimouse 5 Button Optical Mouse $18.00, Floppy Drive $13.00, CPU Fan $13.00,
Last a CD-ROM, I think I'll go with the TDK 52x CD-RW $68.00. I may use my old one, and just buy a cheap CD-ROM to replace it, but, we'll see.

Well that's the start for a new system, lets add it up.

Well I am over budget, ummm !
2/8/03 Well I am trying to stay around $1,200.00, with what is listed above plus Taxes and Shipping I will be over the Budget.
2/8/2003 Well I went searching the web for the best prices and made some changes to the list. Here is the stuff I have ordered:

Well lets add up what I bought:

Well went over my budget, but this will be one AWESOME System !
I did a custom computer on Gateways site, it had a 200gig harddrive, Ti 4600 Nvidia graphics card, regular 512 Ram, 3GHz Pentium, 17" monitor, XP Home, speakers and a small case $3788.00 )
After all the parts are here, I will give a review of the Sellers and post Pictures of all the parts. That will be Part 2.
Update: The Mobo and Graphics card died on this system so I went to Newegg and bought the following sale items: a new Mobo the= foxconn nf4uk8aa-8ekrs nf4u 939, the new graphics card= HIS X 1650 pro, Cpu= AMD A64 3500+ 939, with an Arctic Alpine Fan and upgraded the Memory to 1 gig. Deleted most everything on the XP pro harddrive in the Device Manager and pluged it in and it fired right up, fixed a couple errors and now runs like a top.

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