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Assemble the Computer part 1

While we are waiting for all the parts to arrive, we should do some things:

Read the Manuals that came with the Case and the Mother Board. Get familiar with all the parts and wires. Each Manufactures Case and Mother Boards are little different, if you read something in the Manual that is not explained completely, get on the Web and do a little research on that subject. This is like Tweaking a Car, know what you have under the Hood, she's your baby, your building it with your own two hands, Cool Huh ! Ya, I'm getting excited, this baby should fly ( :
The next thing we need to do, is have all the Tools to do this, a Phillips screw driver and a Tweezers to move Jumper caps. Make sure they are not magnetized. Next you need a table to set it on, I use the Kitchen table, with no table cloth on it, it also has no rugs or carpets around it. You have to make sure that you have not built up any static electricity in you, before you touch any parts, ground yourself on something Metal, like the Stove or the Metal Frame on the Computer Case. Anytime I go to Touch a Part, I first touch the Metal Frame on the Case, to make sure I have discharged any Static Electricity. If you Zap any of the Components, it will ruin them ! Also have plenty of lights on, I also use a Flashlight ( keep the Flashlight away from the parts to ) to help read the fine print on the Mother Board. Next a pair of Pliers or a small Adjustable Wrench to install the Standoffs for the Mother Board, again make sure they are not magnetized. OK, next we will begin to put it all together.

My work Table

Work Table
I picked up a Floppy Drive at a local computer shop. I also bought another Western Digital 40 gig Harddrive, paid about $30.00 more for it, then what I would have paid at With the registration of XP, I figured I would save myself the hassles with MS to install it later.

Lets build a Computer, there will be several pages to this:

First thing I do is get all the wires in the case ready. Remove any drive carriages, get it prepared to install the Mobo.
Computer case
Ok the case is ready. Now I remove the back connections panel on the back of the case and put in the one that comes with the Mobo. Every Mobo and case have a different plate, sometimes they match, most times not.3. Now I place the Mobo in the case, making sure I ground myself fist, by touching the metal frame on the case. I line up where the Standoffs will be placed, according to where the hole on the Mobo are. Then I screw in the brass standoffs. These keep the Mobo from touching any metal on the case, which would short out the Mobo. Ok all the standoffs are in place and the new plate is in.Just so you know, to put the computer together took about 4 1/2 to 5 hours. To install XP and install all the XP updates, driver updates and getting the Bios tweaked took another 8 to 9 hours and I'm on a cable connection.
Computer case
What I do next is install the Memory and the CPU on the Mobo, before I install it in the case. If you do it this way, lay the Mobo on the static free bag with the foam under the bag, this comes with the Mobo. Ok now first I install the Memory or Ram sticks.Make sure you've them positioned correctly, they have a notch in the bottom, that lines up with the ridge in the slot. The Memory is in, the two sticks with the Corsair name on them. Make sure they are seated all the way and the white clips come all the way up and snap in place. When you put the sticks in you push those clips down to open them.
Next I install the CPU or Processor, again ground yourself. These Chips are very fragile, so be extra careful when installing them. This is a Socket A slot, the big white square with the all the little holes in it and is for an AMD Athlon processor. The chip has to go into that slot a certain way, there usually is a clipped corner on the chip, this one had a Gold Triangle on the corner, that corner has to line up with the Top, Left corner of that white square, if you notice there is a ridge and if you look close there is a tan colored lever sticking up on the Top, Left corner where that ridge is. That opens the lock that holds the pins in, once the chip is in, the chip sites on that flat spot where all the holes are, the holes are for the pins that are on the bottom of the chip. Once you carefully place the chip, it should drop right in, with no pressure applied, you pull that lever down and to lock it in place. Processor installed ! When I do this, I follow the directions in the Motherboard and Case Manufactures Manuals.
Next the tricky part, installing the Heatsink, the Heat sink sites on top of the chip, there is tape on the bottom of the Heatsink ( some you have to apply a special cream to the bottom ), remove the strip on the tape and then Gently place the Heatsink on the chip, there are four little rubber pads on the chip, the heatsink sites on those. The Heatsink has a notch in it that fits over the top of that ridge, make sure you line it up right and that the clips that lock it in place are lined up evenly. Follow the direction in the Manual and be very carefully. Again before you touch these parts ground yourself ! OK Heatsink and I didn't crack the chip, WHEW !!!!
CPU Socket


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