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Bootup and Bios Setup.

Bootup Screen

After I hooked up all the external cables, I turn it on. A Beep and up popped the Boot Screen, Cool Beans no errors !!! Next I went into the Bios and set it up for this system.
Bios Setup

Main Screen

Everything showed up correctly, the one thing on this screen I did not change is the Line= Halt On. It was set to detect all errors, I had to change this later to No Errors.
Bios Setup

Advanced BIOS Features

I left most everything at the default settings. I disable the Boot Virus Detection Feature, Viruses come in emails usually and I scan those. I Disabled the LOGO Screen, I like seeing what is getting started. I Disabled the POST Complete Report, to speed up the Boot time.
Bios Setup
Bios Setup

Advanced BIOS Chipset Features

When I first went into this section, I left everything at the Default settings, except for: Graphics Aperture Size to 128 and set it to AGP 8X ( not shown ). The CPU External Frequency was set at 100 MHz, by default, which created a problem later.
Bios Setup

Integrated Peripherals

Only changed the Primary VGA Bios to AGP VGA Card.
Bios Setup
Bios Setup

Power Management Setup

These are the default settings.
Bios Setup

Hardware Monitor

Default settings, I am going to change the Q-Fan Control to Enable.
Bios Setup

My new setup

I use the one on the right, with Win XP Pro, for gaming and the one on the left, with XP Home and Windows 98 for my Web stuff and emails. I have 3-19 inch LCDs, 2 are hooked up to the XP Pro System. Why do I need 3 monitors, when I do my Stock Trading, I need them to display all the charts and Trading information.
My Computers


After I went into the Bios and made the above changes, I saved the changes and rebooted, it showed a 1500 Athlon, not the Athlon 2700. So I went back in and changed the CPU Frequency to Auto, the System Performance to Optima, Memory Frequency to Auto and the CPU External Frequency. (MHz) to 166, it was set at 100. But when I rebooted, I got a Black Screen, no Boot Up. I was a Tad worried at first, I went into the case and pulled out the Mobo Battery and reset the CMOS with the jumper. Rebooted and was back in the Bios, it kept doing this, so on the first Bios Screen I set the Halt On to No Errors. Whalla Booted up and showed the Athlon 2700 and runs smooth. I will do some more Tweaking in there later.
Bios Setup


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