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Rebuilding Computer

I rebuilt a computer and posted the process step by step as I put it all together, links below.

01/25/08 Update on Gaming Computer: The A7N8X deluxe Mobo and the Crucial Radeon 9700 Pro Graphics Card died in 2006. I took the A7N8X-X mobo and the graphics card from my other computer and installed them in the SX1040B Performance Series ATX server chassis. The power supply also died and was replaced with a 450 watt supply. I moved the harddrive from the other computer to this one, just plugged it in and everything works fine. I searched for a new A7N8X mobo on Ebay and they have been selling for over $100.00, to much money for that old of a board, plus the new boards now use the PCI Express slots and the new DDR2 ram. I have been looking at buying a new computer, they rang from $348.00 to $578.00 and come with Vista preinstalled. But the sound and graphics are onboard and I would not have a Vista cd just a restore disk. I have also been searching online computer shops for new parts, I have a case, 400 watt power supply, DVD-RW, floppy drive, sound card, Network card, mouse, keyboard, LCD 19" monitor, harddrive, XP pro cd and 512 megs of DDR ram. What I need is the Mobo, more ram, graphics card and the CPU. Well I finally figured out what to do, I was looking around Newegg and bought these:
Bought them with shipping for $333.00 and installed them in another case. The reason I did not install them in the SX1040B Performance Series ATX server chassis is that a Windows Home Edition that is in that case now, is the D drive. I needed to keep that harddrive in that case and then I put another harddrive with Windows 98 on it that is the C drive as the master, then I set it to boot to the D drive when the computer boots. Confused, lol, I have all my website tools and information on that D drive and did not want to risk having to reformat it, I run dual monitors on that system also. It was easier to rebuild the other case, then hook the XP Pro drive up to the new mobo, being that the XP Pro was the C drive. Why didn't I just reformat and install XP Pro after I had the new system built? I have alwise been able to go into the Device Manager and remove certain hardware, also Add/Remove to remove drivers and then shut the computer down, then hook the drive up to a new system, Windows always boots fine. I do get some errors in the Device Manager, but it is usually pretty easy to fix them and saves a lot of time updating everything. The picture below shows the two cases, they are now switched, lol, the white case is my gaming machine now and the Server Chassis is my working computer. Picture of updated case, second picture below.
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