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Mikes E-Book Updated 10/05/2012


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Web page version of: Is your Computer running slow?

A lot of people buy a new computer that runs fast at first, then months later it is running very slow. It isn't the computers fault, it is because you have not maintained it to keep running at it's peak performance level. So first, why does a computer start slowing down? Well to be honest it can be a lot of different things that can affect a computers performance. We are going to concentrate on the users actions and how it affects the computer and what you can do to get it back up to it's peak performance level and keep it running at that level.
The average user mostly uses his or her computer for surfing the internet, instant messaging, emailing, pictures and music. First let's take the pictures and music. If you download music or pictures from the internet, beware, you can get bad stuff imbedded in them that can affect the computer. Also if you install a lot of pics and music and then remove some in order to install more, will have an affect on the computer. This also goes for software that you download or buy, install and then when bored of it, remove it. None of these activities are bad, but they have effects on the computer that start to slow it's performance.
Surfing, Iming and email. If you go to certain web sites, little programs or tracking cookies are put on your computer. Also, if you open attachments in emails, little programs can be installed on your computer. If you Instant Message a lot and go to web site links people send you or open things other people send you, all affect the computers performance. None of these activities are bad, they are fun and that is why we have computers. So what the heck are you trying to say Mike. lol These are just some of the activities that end up slowing the computer down and the reason why you need to do some simple maintenance once in awhile or wait and take it to a shop and pay a Tech $90.00 to do it for you. Ya Ya Blah Blah Blah lol. Ya I know, boring, wait I just got an email, lol.
The following steps are what I do to cleanup someone's computer, after it has gotten to the point of slow return, lol. I will list these chores on a printer friendly page to.
Ok, a little yakking before we continue to the next step. Whenever you install a program, knowingly or unknowingly, it may put an Icon in your Taskbar, usually the bottom right corner of your screen. What are these little Icons, all they are is a quick launch for some programs, do you need these, No, I have one in my Taskbar, it is for my Anti virus Program. Most are placed there when you install a program, usually it will ask to put one there, but others just install it. They are running in the Background and help to slow down the computer. How do you stop them?
Well we are getting there. These steps are to clean up the system, there will not be so much to do after these steps are completed. : )

Weekly chores:

Monthly chores:

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