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Windows fdisk

The first screen you come to is enable large disk support.

If you have Windows 95 check which version you have before you enable this, earlier versions do not support this feature.

Windows fdisk

Second Window

You choose 3 Delete partition or Logical DOS Drive.

Windows fdisk

Delete Window

Choose 1 hit enter, it will confirm two ways, first you have to type in the partition name and then you have to type y and hit enter.

Windows fdisk

Create DOS Partition

Next you will have to create a Primary DOS Partition, at the Second Window you would choose 1  to get to this screen, next Choose 1 hit enter

Windows fdisk

Format Drive

After you Delete the Drive it will tell you, you need to Format the drive, at the prompt, you will be using your Startup Disk so this will be an A: prompt, type format c: you will get this screen, type y hit enter, bye, bye Data.

>Windows fdisk

Set Active Partition

If you have more than one Drive, you would go here to set what Harddrive is your Main Bootable Drive.

Windows fdisk

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