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Multiplayer Online Gaming Addiction

Gaming Addiction, man I can relate to this. I use to play an online multiplayer game called Earth and Beyond, one of those 24-7 games, I liked that game, I liked logging in and playing that game, I needed to upgrade this and get a better, faster, bigger ship, I stayed online for hours and hours, lol, sound familiar. It is so much fun and you meet people from all over the world and the monthly cost to play did not cost that much $12.95 per month. The graphics in the game were amazing and you felt like you were right in the game. With that game I was able to quite, not because I wanted to, because they closed it down. I was, to say the least, very disappointed with their decision. I still to this day and it has been 2 years that they shut it down, think about the dang game.
The monthly charges to play the game were actually cheap, but what about the computer and related items needed to play the game. Now we start getting to the reasons why online multiplayer gaming, begins to cost a lot of money. I had one account when I started playing the game, it did not take long before I felt I needed a second account, now my cost is $25.00 a month. Why did I need 2 accounts, well there were several different races with different ships that all had different abilities, of course just having 3 ships on one account wasn't enough, because if I had this other ship it could help me do more things and faster, that way I would grow stronger and my ships would be faster, lol, man you really get sucked into the whole upgrade thing.
Then there is the type of Internet Connection you use to get to the Game and be able to play the Game with as little lag ( how long it takes to render graphics and load new scenes ) as possible, in other words, you want a FAST connection. So you need Broadband for that, hmm $39.00 to $70.00 a month for that. Then you need to share that connection if you are playing on more then one computer, remember 2 accounts, one acct for one computer and the second acct for account number 2, some people had up to 6 accounts, an account for each member of the family. In order to share the connection you need a Router and some RJ45 cables and a Broadband Modem, another $150.00 setup cost.
Next you also need to buy the game, $15.00 to $50.00 and any Expansion Packs to the game. They are always coming out with new areas you can play in or new whatever, you need it and you buy it. Now we need a very up to date computer to play these games, I built a special computer just to play the game, Gaming Computer that was $1,500.00 and of course I needed a bigger Monitor to play on $250.00 a 19" CRT. That computer worked so well I needed to upgrade the other one, new mobo, graphics card, memory and that cost around $350.00. All set now, woot the game runs fast, great graphics, 2 accts and playing all the time. Hmmm! It is fun, but after a while you get Addicted to being on the game, you become this persona of the character on the game you created and the people you play with on the game, become those characters, not the real life people you know, by that I mean, the experiences you share in the game become the focus of conversations you have with them. There was one player I met online, that met a lady playing the game online and they ended up getting married. Married couples with young children play these games to meet other people around the world, interact with them and travel to virtual places as a new adventure, why? you do not need a baby sitter and you are right there at home with your children and play the game when they are in bed. Some people will collect rare artifacts in the game and sell them on the game or Ebay, to other players for $ and people will pay a lot for those, why? because it takes so many hours if not months to get one and they increase your characters powers, which helps you to get loot in the game, with the loot or credits you buy stuff to enhance your playing experience, it is all about upgrading your character. I still long to be back playing that game, thank goodness they shut it down or I would still be playing. It is VERY Addicting!


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