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How to Install Hardware and Ram

Installing Cards

Installing Cards to your Computer is not a difficult task. But you need to follow the Manufactures Instructions to the letter.

Here are a few general Rules to follow:

Here is how install a card:

How to Install,Internal Harddrives, CDROM, Zip drives, etc.

CD-Roms and DVDs are pretty straight forward, go to your device manager and Remove the old CDROM or DVD, then shut down the Computer, take out the old one and reconnect the new one in reverse order. The jumper setting should already be set as the primary from the factory, but check the CDs Manual to make sure, connect the wire from the sound card if there is one. When you restart, Windows it will recognize the new Cd Rom or DVD and probably have the drivers for it, if not, it may ask you for the CD Roms-DVD Driver Disk or the Windows CD to get the drivers.

Here is a site all about CD-RWs

Andy McFaddens CD-RW FAQs

Zip Drives:

I would recommend an external one that connects to your USB or parallel port. Basically you install the software, attach the Drive to the Computer, start up the Computer and the software sets it up for you.


If you are running out of space on your Harddrive, the most economical way to get more, is a new and bigger Harddrive. You can buy a 500 gig drive for about $100.00 and when you install it, you can copy your current drive information to the new drive, then slave the old drive and use that for storage, like downloaded files, pictures,etc, if you want. You could also make or buy and External Hard Drive, I did a How to on making your own External Hard Drive. and copy all your data to the External Drive.
Here again are some general Rules to follow to install a Harddrive:

How to Install Ram ( Random Access Memory), Ram is one of the best upgrades you can do:

Installation of New Motherboard:


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