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Hamilton Beach Model:45237, Stay or Go, Coffee maker

Made in China

We bought this about 6 months ago at one of our local stores. I really liked the fact that it had an insulated decanter and no warming pad. But from day one when you try to pour a cup of coffee it ends up running down the side of the decanter and onto the countertop, the mess it makes pictured below. We try pouring it slowly, we tried pouring fast, whatever we do it still runs down the side of the decanter and onto the countertop. Apparently the spout on the decanter is ill designed, hello did you test this product? That is the mess it makes, after pouring a couple cups of coffee, pictured below. I sent an email to their customer service and after 3 days I received a response. I explained it the same as above with a link to this picture showing them the mess it makes. What I was told was to check the seal on the brew tank, if it was bad they would send me a replacement seal, hello, does it look like it is coming from the brew tank at the back of the coffee maker. So again I explained the problem with the spout on the decanter and a link to this picture, no response!
Hamilton Beach Heat and Go Coffee Maker
I am posting this on my site now because Hamilton Beach decided, by not addressing this, that they could care less if their product is defective. I bought it thinking, hey Hamilton Beach, a brand name Company, it must be a quality product, I guess tough luck for me ah! I believe this sold for around $70.00. I will say that if it was not for the dripping all over our countertop I like this product. If you are experiencing the same problems with this coffee maker send me a comment and maybe we can get a picture of yours dripping and I will post it here. If you are thinking about buying this type of Hamilton Beach Coffee maker, I would first call the company to see if this problem has been corrected, otherwise your countertop will look like ours. We now put a dinner plate under it to catch all the hot coffee dripping off the bottom of the decanter, I would just throw it away, but $70.00 is a lot of money for me and I would think a reputable company would call these back and replace them with a decanter that works properly. I was trying to buy an American made coffee maker, but we all know everything is made in China now, hmmm. I have always bought Mr Coffee products and have always had very good luck with them, but I could not find one with an insulated decanter such as this one. Well Hamilton Beach I am a very dissatisfied customer as I told you in my emails and I will never buy another one of your products, seeing that you could care less about your customers. I must say you are lucky no one has had hot coffee run off the decanter and burn them, good luck with your chinese products. If you would like this page taken down Hamilton Beach I will be more then happy to oblige, that is after you replace my decanter and other peoples defective decanters or send us our money back so we can buy a tested product and this time I will be buying an American made product if I have to pay twice as much money for it.
Here is the first email that was sent 4/07/08: Message: I purchased this coffee maker a our local Farm & Fleet store thinking I was buying a quality product. From day one it has dripped all over our countertop, no matter how we try to pour the coffee. Here is a picture of the mess it makes I have searched the web and everyone that has bought this product is having the same problem. What are you doing to correct this? Mike Hanson A very dissatisfied customer.
Hamilton Beaches email response 04/10/08: Thank you for contacting us! The following two trouble shooting tips should solve your leaking problem. Please try the following tips: 1. Check to make sure the seal is in place in the bottom of the brew tank. If the seal is missing, we will send you a replacement seal. 2. Check to make sure the seal is properly seated in the bottom of the tank. (Loose coffee grounds can settle under the seal in the bottom dispensing area of the tank. Grounds under the seal will cause the tank to drip.) To flush trapped grounds please clean the tank and dispensing area with cold water. Next test the seal by drying the tank and then adding a cup of cold water, hold it over the sink. If the tank no longer drips, the problem is solved. If the tank continues to drip, your seal may need to be replaced. If you need further assistance or a replacement seal, please let us know. Sincerely, Consumer Affairs
My response to their email 04/10/08: Hello, The thermal decanter drips all over the countertop no matter how slowly or fast you pour the coffee into the cup. The spout on the decanter ( Coffee Pot ) is the problem, the coffee runs off the spout down the side of the decanter and onto the countertop, no matter how fast or how slow you pour out the coffee! Here again is a picture of the daily mess we have to put up with: Mike Hanson
Update: This issue has been sent to one of Hamilton Beaches Tech's, it has been a week with no reply back from the tech. Still dealing with coffee all over the countertop, what a mess this thing makes.
Update:This has never been resolved, I would not recommend buying this product.


Author: Mike Hanson

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