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Here are a few Tips on using Internet Explorer 6

To cut down on SPAM your friends get, when you want to send them to a site you think would interest them, don't give the site thier Email Address, they will get Spammed. Instead go to Tools-Mail and News-Send a Link, I use it from my quick find as shown, but is the same as above. You Email them the link and they can visit the site and cuts down on spam.

Send a Link

To set the size of the Fonts on Web pages go here, mine is on Medium, soon it will probably be on Largest, lol ( : Some sites will stay at a set size, you can't change it, it is in the Script or code of the page.

Change Text Size

If you go to Tools-Toolbar Wallpaper, you will see this screen, I'm using the maple wallpaper. You can download others to, if not in Tools you can download this at:

IE 5 Wallpaper Accessories

IE 6 Wallpaper ? I installed the Wallpaper Accessories Before I installed IE 6. Keep Looking !! Actually it may come with IE 6.


This is where you change the Look of your Toolbars. If you can't move the Top Toolbar with your mouse Uncheck the Lock the Toolbars. Play around with these settings to see how you want it.


This is where you go to change the Properties of IE, Tools-Internet Options.

IE options

This is the Internet Options Screen, on this Tab-General, you can Delete Files-all the web pages stored on your Computer, this file can get very large and decrease the performance of IE, so you should Delete these files regularly, when you click the button and the new screen pops up check the Offline box to. If you click the Settings Button you will get the next picture.

Clear Cache Files

This is the Settings, the first ones tells IE how you want Web Pages Stored, I use Automatically, so it is loading the most current page made by the Webmaster.

The next one is how much space on your Harddrive IE should use for storing these files, rule of thumb is about 10% of the total size of your Harddrives size. I set it at 80 MBs and delete the files every week.

IE properties

Would you like to save all your Favorite Links to one HTML file. Open IE, Go to File-Import/Export and double click it, which will open the Wizard to the right, click Next, choose Export Favorites, click Next, on the next screen Highlight the Favorites Folder, click Next, on the next screen click the Radio button by, Export to a File or address, then click the Browse Button, double click the Desktop or Highlight it and click Save, then click Next, then OK. Go to your Desktop, you will see a file called bookmark.html, double click the file and it will open in IE with a list of all your Favorite Links. To save the file to a Floppy, right click the file, choose Cut, then open My Computer, put in a new Floppy, right click on the Floppy Drive A: and choose Paste. To Import the file, choose Import Favorites.

Import/Export Favorites Utility

Create your own Stationery Stationery Wizard

Tip: What Folder is that Link in ? Try going to Start-Find and type in the name to find a Favorites Link.


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