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IncrediMail Sending Problem

We recently started having problems with her IncrediMail. She could recieve mail, forward mail, but could not send newly created mail. You do need to update IncrediMail before you update to the new Internet Explorer 7, they have an upgrade. I also thought it was the Free AGV I had setup on her computer so I uninstalled that, still could not send new mail. Tried different settings in her Accounts, nope not it. Tried Repairing IncrediMail in Add/Remove, nope still could not send new mail. I was about to uninstall and reinstall IncrediMail, but thought I would try one more time to see if I could figure it out.
I went back into IncrediMail and opened a new mail, she was using a New Christmas Tree background. So I set it to No Background and clicked send, I was sending them to my Outlook Account, bingo no 550 Message Rejected error and I received it. So I opened another new email and used the Christmas Tree background again, bingo 550 Message Rejected error. Set it to no background and then picked a different new background, clicked Send, it sent it and I received it.
So if you can recieve mail and forward mail in your IncrediMail, but cannot Send New Mail and are getting a 550 Message Rejected Error, try using no background or change the background and see if it starts working.


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