Vehicle Intelligence Test 3

1.Who was the Italian Inventor of the Internal Combustion Engine?

2.Stratified charge compression ignition is used for gasoline engines?

3.When timing a combustion engine TDC refers to what?

4.The Hydraulic lifters clearance is adjusted with a feeler gauge?

5.The Axle is joined to the transmission using what?

6.Ramjet mechanical fuel injection was first available for this Chevy engine?

7.The Chevy 302 engine with dual 4 barrel carbs and some other performance parts could output how much hp?

8.In what year was the split rear window used on the Corvette?

9.The Corvette 'Sting Ray' was introduced in?

10.The Wankel Engine has 4 pistons and 6 valves?

11.If I mention '57' around classic car collectors, what am I refering to?