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Setting up a Netcam

Setting up a Netcam

I purchased a USB Intel Deluxe PC Camera, very smooth setup, a couple of programs froze, but after the usual patch updates they went away. I had heard that they can be a little frustrating to set up so I was surprised I had very few problems, I can't say this holds true to all Netcams, my daughter bought one and I have been helping her work out some bugs, her is not an Intel. If you are thinking of buying a PC Camera, decide on what type you need to buy. Check in the back of your Computer to see if you have a USB port, looks like a big Phone jack. My Packard Bell has USB Ports, it was made in 1997, but I do not believe I can actually use them. USB wasn't really out then, it also had Infrared which messed up everything I tried to install in that Computer, had to wipe it off the Computer. So that said, check to make sure the Port is activated in the Device Manager and enabled in the Bios. You can find info on these under Computer Help-Trouble-Tips-Tools

Installation USB ( Universal Serial Bus )

Live Webcam Setup


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