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Quiz Section have Fun!

The Quizzes are so much fun and entertaining, I figured I would devote a section to put them in. There is also a lot of other fun stuff on the site, Game Room, Gaming Arcades, Eyecandy Room with fun Java illusions, Famous Quotes, Guest Book, Computer Help Links and Much more. Surf around the site when you get time and check them all out.
Note: If you get a perfect score on some quizzes or tests you will see an Trophy Image that you can save. Make sure you follow the directions and Right click on it and Save Image As a .gif or .jpg file to your Desktop or to your My Documents folder. Some have used Set as Desktop Background, which it then becomes your computers background wallpaper. If you mistakenly set it a your background, go into Desktop Properties and choose another Wallpaper and then click Apply, if you are running Active Desktop you may need to go to the Desktop tab and then click the Customize Desktop button, go to the Web tab. Normally there should be My Current Home Page listed in the box and it should be unchecked, if anything else is listed uncheck it, click Apply.

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