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Items M thru R
Machine Debug Manager (mdm) Used by developers for debugging. Those who have encountered it have unchecked it with no degradation in performance.
MapNDrive (MapNDrive.exe) A Consumer Login scripting tools that enables you to logging to a map drive. Needed.
Matrox Powerdesk Powerdesk is a Matrox utility incorporated into your Windows display properties. Powerdesk allows you to tweak your Matrox card to your liking. Not required
McAfee Guardian (CMGRDIAN.EXE) Launches McAfee's Uninstaller software at startup. We've all got a junk drawer, but not all of us have a maid to clean it out. The Uninstaller automatically identifies and removes the unnecessary files that accumulate in your pc. Not required. Can be run manually.
McAfee Image (image32.exe) Launches Mcafee's Utility software wizard (McAfee Image)to create an image snapshot of the critical sectors on your hard drive. In the event these sectors are corrupted by a disk crash or virus, Image can use the snapshot to restore your hard drives. Not required. Can be run manually
McAfee VirusScan Registration Pop-up reminding McAfee VirusScan owners to update to the latest version.Not required
McAfee Wingauge Monitors your system and alerts you to potential problems, including impending hard disk failures. Not needed - can be run manually via Start -> Programs.
McAfeeVirusScanService (avsynmgr.exe) From McAfee VirusScan version 5.x. Runs VirusScan System Tray (Vsstat.exe), WebScanX (Webscanx.exe), VirusScan System Scan (Vshwin32.exe) and VirusScan Consol (Avconsol.exe) under one application. Scanning can be enabled via Start -> Programs if required.
McAfeeWEbScanX (WebScanx.exe) [Webscanx] This program is an addition to Mcafee's family of security tools, keeps your computing environment secure from viruses and other harmful agents as you explore the internet,exchange e-mail, and download files from remote computers. Antivirus program. Required in the startup
MDAC_RUNONCE (runonce.exe) MDAC Run Once Wrapper. This is required fo Microsoft Data Access Components. Although it should only 'run once', it actually runs once per session and is therefore required by MDAC. !Needed!
MediaRing Talk (mrtalk.exe) Media Ring Talk, voice recognition software, takes a lot of resources, can be run manually.
Memturbo This is a program used for freeing up memory. It is shareware and can significantly improve performance.
MGAVRTCL.EXE (mgavrtcl.exe) MGAVRTCL.EXE is part of the Mcafee's anti-virus software that stays in memory(TSR) to protect you from viruses. It also creates a System Tray icon that looks like a shield so you can access the menu options. Needed for most users.
Microangelo Desktop Quick access to MicroAngelo 5.0. Not required - can be run manually via Start -> Programs.
Microsoft Critical Update Detects and installs critical updates from the Microsoft site. Most users prefer to install these manually.
Microsoft Find Fast (findfast.exe) Utility for Microsoft Office. It adds an extra search engine in the operating system. Not required in startup.
Microsoft Greetings Reminders Reminder of special events like birthdays. Not required in startup.
Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar Alternative shortcuts to the Start -> Programs way of running applications installed as part of Microsoft Office. Some people prefer it but a better way is to create Desktop Shortcuts if you want access these programs quickly.
Microsoft Office Startup Utility for Microsoft Office (Some users report that unchecking this item can cause difficulty. Bear this in mind if it is removed and performance is degraded.) Not required in startup.
Microsoft Sidewinder Game Controller Software Pre-loads profiles for games. Not needed - can be run manually via Start -> Programs.
Microsoft Webserver Personal web server program which enables you to create and host a web server from your computer.
Microsoft Works Calendar Reminders Reminder of special events like birthdays. Not required in startup.
Microsoft Works update Detection Detects and installs updates from the Microsoft site. Most users prefer to install these manually.
MINIFERT.EXE Part of Backweb. Not required
Minilog (Minilog.exe) This activates ZoneAlarm's logging module.Minilog is part of ZoneAlarm, and does the logging of intruders to the log file. Needed!
Mirabilis ICQ If connected to the internet, automatically runs up ICQ. ICQ can be started from Start -> Programs. Not required in startup.
Mixghost This is management software for Altec Lansing speakers. If a change is needed, the user can launch it from the Start menu.
mmtray Places a Music Box Jukebox icon in the system tray. The program works fine without it.
MoneyAgent (money express.exe) Utility of Microsoft Money. Not required in startup.
MotiveMonitor (motmon.exe) Watches for errors and attempts to assist in resolution through the internet and email. Not required
Mount Safe & Sound From McAfee VirusScan version 5.x. Creates back-up sets of critical files in a separate area of a hard drive. Not required in startup.
MSMSGS (msmsgs.exe) MSN instant messanger that starts automatically at startup. Can be started manually. Not required in startup.
MSN Messenger MSN Messenger utility starts up automatically every time you start Windows. If you don't use MSN Messenger. Can be started manually. Not required in startup.
MSNQuickView A Microsoft Network Toolbar that launches at startup. Not Required
Mstask see Scheduling Agent Can be setup to run several applications at specified times, ie; defrag, scandisk, etc. These applications can be started manually It's your choice
NAV defalert Norton Anti-Virus Definitions Alert. Warns you if virus definitions are out of date. You should update definitions on at least a weekly basis anyway if you use the internet regularly. Leave it if you think you might forget.
Nav_setup (nav_se~1.exe) It's a software from mcafee that is partially installed or someone cancelled the installation process.
Ndetect If connected to the internet, automatically runs up ICQ. ICQ can be started from Start -> Programs. Not required in startup.
NeoPlanet (neo.exe) Starts Neoplanet automatically when in the startup and creates a system tray icon that you can access it's options. NeoPlanet, Inc. connects companies with their customers through dynamic desktop software, integrated with versatile, customer-interacting infrastructure.
NeroCheck.exe Associated with the Nero CD writting software, by Ahead Software. Searches for driver conflicts, generally not required
Netsonic (webmain.exe) An Internet accelerator program thats speeds Web surfing by using its proprietary cache technology to store all of the main text and graphical elements of a Web page. It creates an system tray icon that you can access Netsonic's Option menu. Not Required Can be started manually.
Netsonic Pro (webmain.exe) An Internet accelerator program thats speeds Web surfing by using its proprietary cache technology to store all of the main text and graphical elements of a Web page. It creates an system tray icon that you can access Netsonic's Option menu. Not Required Can be started manually.
Netword Agent (nwant33.exe) An interesting browser utility that allows you to navigate by typing a single word or phrase (a "NetWord") related to what you're looking for into your browser's location field.It also put an icon in system tray icon that is a circle with the letter N in the center to access the menu faster. Can be run manually ->Start->Programs->Netword Agent Not required
NetworkSetup (Dlink.exe) A program that launches a system Tray icon that is a big letter "D" that enable you that access the following menus.1 Our Homepage 2.Update Notification 3.Warranty Registration 4.Contact Support. Not required in startup. Can be run manually.
Netzero (nzstart.exe) Starts the Netzero free isp software at bootup. Can be run manually. Not Required.
Netzip smart downloader This programs lets you adds Pause, Resume, and Reconnect to your downloads. Not needed. Can be run manually.
NomdCheck Same has QuickenSeMessage an option Not required
Norton AutoProtect This is Norton's real-time scanner for viruses. It scans your computer in the event an email with a contaminated attachment is found.
Norton Crashguard Monitor Program wich experienced some difficultie with Windows ME, and Norton removed it from SystemWorks 2001. Not required in startup.
Norton Email Protect This is a feature which sets up a proxy server to isolate the main system from email-borne viruses. If this feature is not desired, it is recommended that it be turned of in the programs control panel under Options|E-Mail Protection. When it is inactivated incoming email is still scanned as it is saved to your hard disk, but no proxy server is involved as an additional layer of protection.
Norton System Doctor A Norton program utility. This can be started manually. Not required in startup.
NovastorSchedulerd NovaStor NovaBACKUP Scheduler back-up utility.If you don't have regularly scheduled back-ups you can run it manually.Not required
NPROTECT Norton Protected Recycle Bin from Norton Utilities. Adds an extra layer of safety before you remove deleted files from the Recycled Bin. Its your choice
NvCpl.exe Nvidia display properties extension. Generally not required, will start back up when you open the Advanced Properties in Display Properties.
NVSvc.exe ( Nvidia file ) Nvidia Driver Helper Service, not sure what it does, but consumes memory. Set it to Manual or Disable it in XPs Services and disable it in Windows 98/Startup. This service is often responsible for various glitches, from significant shutdown delays to excessive memory usage.
NvMcTray.exe Nvidia media center library for the media center software. Displays the system tray icon, is not required.
nwiz.exe For NVidia's Nview features. Disable this, it will at times use 100% of your resources.
oadaemon (oadaemon.exe) [oadaemon] The oadaemon.exe program is a background process that establishes connection with the C3-1000 device, it's other function is to watch general status of device and for scanner button presses. So oadaemon.exe must be running in the background to do printing because the oadaemon program establish the connection to the C3-1000. !Needed!
OEMCLEANUP (oem_reset.exe) Resets OEM installation settings at bootup. Not required unless you're new to PC's.
Office Startup (osa.exe) Speeds up launching of office programs Not required
Onflow (unistall onflow.exe) This program clears the onflow player from your system.Onflow is a Internet company that offers a online advertising program.This software comes with Gator software Not required
Operator Media Pilot operator, in Win.ini. Locks port open Not required
P17Run Endpoints Dynamic Link Library Creative Technologies sound card. Not required at startup
Pagekeeper Jobs PageKeeper Jobs is a separate PageKeeper program that handles the analysis of new documents and keeps track of the location and content of current documents in PageKeeper. Pagekeepers comes bundled with scanners such has HP, Microtek, etc. Not required in startup.
Password Pal (passpal.exe) Password Pal runs as a tray icon on the Windows taskbar that stores your passwords and saves them in encrypted format on your computer. Not required in startup.
pwsafe.exe -s Used for startup Icon, PassWord Safe, Not required at startup.
PCHealth (pchschd.exe) This is a part of Windows Millennium which provides Restore functionality. !NEEDED!
PCTVOICE (pctvoice.exe) The program PCTVoice is used by the modem to interface with your computer and also used for some V.80 functions for Video Conferencing. Not required in startup
Pe2ckfnt SE (chkfont.exe) "Chkfont.exe" is used to check whether the fonts are installed properly on your computer or not.This utility comes from Ulead Photo Express 2 SE software.If you don't want to execute it,you can remove it in the startup menu. Not required
Photo Express Calender Checker SE If you create multiple Weekly/Monthly/Yearly calendars to use as your wallpaper, Photo Express will replace the wallpaper automatically. Photo Express 2.0 has a calendar checker which checks the date on your system and updates your wallpaper accordingly. Not required.
PiDunHk (pidunhk.exe) Launches a Orb icon from Prodigy Internet on the System Tray icon to access the various menus. Not required in startup. Can be run manually.
PiStartup (pistartup.exe) Launches the Prodigy Internet enrollment Connection Wizard in order to create a Internet account. Not required. Can be run manually in Start->Programs->Prodigy Internet.
Pointer (point32.exe) This is mouse utilities, from Microsoft and is required for the wheel to work with full functionality.
Power Meter This is a Dell-installed monitor for battery strength and AC power source for batteries. It can be manually launched when it is needed.
Power Panel plus (PanPlus.exe) [Panplus] PowerPanel PlusT software is included with CyberPower's Power99 and Power2000 models. This exclusive software allows full control and monitoring of your UPS to provide ultimate protection for your computer system, components, peripherals and most importantly, your data.During a power failure the system automatically saves and closes open files within the battery backup time and safely powers down your computer.Required.
Power Reg Scheduler Displays reminders to register software. Not required
PowerDVD (powerdvd.exe) [powerdvd] This startup up Cyberlink's Powerdvd software and creates a system tray icon. Powerdvd will open automatically when the user inserts a DVD movie. Not required in the startup. Can be opened manually.
Powerpanel (powpanel.exe) [Powpanel] This program comes with the cyberpower's UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and it's only required if the customer wants the automatic shutdown feature.
pp5300USB A Paperport software that monitors the status of a Visioneer OneTouch 5300. Not needed Can be run manually
Primax 3D Mouse For scroll mouse (you do not need this if you don't have a scroll mouse) Its your choice
Promon.exe (promon.exe) Intel Pro100 + network card icon in the system tray by the clock. These tools typically display the LEDs on the NIC, and information about the link status, duplex mode, etc. None of the functionality of such agents is necessary required.
Prpcui This is a Dell-installed program which relates to Intel's Speed-Step. It provides an easy way to disable speed step. Its icon can be removed from the taskbar in the Preferences settings.
Ptsnoop.exe This is a modem driver used by several software modems to monitor the COM port. Its functions become active when the modem is in use.
Q shlf|Quick Shelf (encicons.exe) [qshlfed] Launches an icon on the system tray that looks like a dictionary that enable you to open Encarta world Dictionary
Qagent The Quicken program is controlled by a separate utility program called the Quicken Download Manager (also known as Qagent). When the Quicken Download Manager option is enabled, background downloading takes advantage of unused bandwidth to download current financial information anytime your computer is connected to the Internet. Not required
QBCD autorun To run Quick Books CD, Not required
QD FastAndSafe Automatically runs Fast & Safe clean-up from Norton/Quarterdeck Cleansweep. Deletes safe to remove files such as Temporary Internet Files (cache). Recommended you run it manually. Not required
QuickenSEMessage Quicken option , Not required
QuickShelf 99 Places an icon in the system tray for launching Microsoft Bookshelf. Use the Start menu or a shortcut instead.
RamBooster (Rambooster.exe) RamBooster is a free program that frees up Ram. This is done by forcing Windows to remove all the data that is not currently needed from the memory. Not required in startup. Can be run manually.
Rave 2 (rave.exe) Rave 2 is a Windows application that allows you to talk (just like a telephone conversation) to your ICQ contacts, or to any other person at a fixed IP or domain name address. It creates a system tray icon that you can access the menu options. Not required. Can be started manually
Real Jukebox Systray This is the Jukebox counterpart to Real Player. It makes no discernible difference if it is not running.
RealTray (realplay.exe) A similar program to Real Jukebox Systray for RealPlayer v7. Not required
Refresh Part of Iomega Zip Drive, Not required
Register Drop Handler A Program that works with Still Image monitor software for USB Cameras andScanners. It's a drag & drop utility for imaging devices.
Register MediaRing Talk (register.exe) If you don't want to register MediaRing and be reminded about it every bootup disable it.
Regtrk This is Norton's Registry Tracker. Leave it checked if you want it to monitor changes in the Registry.
Reminder (reminder.exe) Money Express in Microsoft Money reminds you about upcoming bills and allows you to quickly enter payments into Money without opening the program and accessing the appropriate account. To turn this feature on or off, open the Tools menu and select Options. Click the Bills and Deposits tab in the new window. At the top of this window, check or uncheck the box next to Use Money Express. Not required at Startup.
Reminder-cpqXXXXX (remind32.exe) Compaq printer Registration, Not required
RFTray Reality Fusion GameCam Video Interaction Technology Software that comes with the Logitech QuickCam PC Video Camera and other Usb Cameras. It is only a icon that appears on your system tray Not requiredCan started manually.
Ring Central Fax Only needed if customer wants PC to answer faxes automatically. It's your choice.
rnaapp Used in Dial Up Networking. It loads when you initiate a connection. There is no particular reason to have it load at startup.
run= Multiple run= in the startup. Usual symptoms include system not shutting down or rebooting, and system very slow on boot and while operating. Deleting file does nothing, removed checkmarks from startup simply doubles the number of entries (30+) in startup that refer to msdos98.exe.
run=hpfsched This program pops up a reminder to register a new HP printer or scanner. It is not required

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