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Thread: Arcade: Firefox, logged out, Cookie error and other info.

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    Post Arcade: Firefox, logged out, Cookie error and other info.

    Internet Explorer works best with the Arcade.


    Update to this 12/25/2009: You need to clear your cache and cookies in all browsers then login, also make sure that you check the Remember Me? check box, if you login on the Arcade page with Firefox it will show you not logged in click on the Forum Tab and you should actually be logged in, otherwise just make sure that you are on the Forum page when you login and you should be fine, browsers, lol.

    1. Logged in at Forum Home or Arcade Home and then you get logged out when you go to play a game or anything in the arcade, open a game first and then Login, check Remember Me to and everything should work fine, I think Firefox has issues with setting cookies past the Arcade Home page, if a game is already open before you Login it sets the cookie right and you should be good to go. Trying to find a solution to this but no help so far, I actually think it is the Arcades problem, but I am getting no help from the Author of the script.

    2. Also go to Tools-Options-Privacy Tab, at the bottom of the page make sure you have Accept Cookies, Accept Third Party Cookies and set it to Until they Expire, Firefox.

    3.Guest (Visitor not registered and logged in) using Firefox I have noticed I get the Cookie Error when I try to play a game. I just refreshed or reloaded the page and then was able to play without anymore errors. Firefox must have a problem setting the cookie.

    When you play a game in a new window, a popup will come up with the game, after you finish the game and if registered it will submit your score but you will then have two windows open, just close the full screen popup window and you will be back to the original screen, same holds true for Guests not registered. Not sure why the Author of the Arcade Script did it this way, would have been nice if it were the same page, hopefully he will change this in future releases.

    To rate a game you need to be a registered member then add it to your Favorites first, then the rate this game link shows up, OK, I did not write the code, lol.

    You can create a Tournament for 2 to 8 people and 1 to 5 tries per person, once you set it up have all your friends or others join or register for the tournament. Then each person goes to that tournament page and clicks Play under their name, you have to open the game there for it to score for the tournament, it should say above the game in red letters that it is a tournament game. You must be a registered member to do this.

    Scoring is with the use of Cookies, to reduce Scoring Errors do the following:
    1. When you Login, check the Remember Me box.
    2. Do not use your Refresh or Back Button to start a new game.
    3. Only Play one game at a time.
    4. I have cookie sessions set to 60 minutes if you play a game longer then that the forum will log you out for inactivity. If people play a game longer then 60 minutes let me know and I will increase the time. This is a security feature for the forum and your acct. It was set to 45 minutes before today.
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