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Thread: Users Awaiting Email Confirmation

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    You will have to confirm your email at registration to play and save scores. I noticed a bug in the Arcade that allows people to not comfirm their email and still be able to play, comment and score, that has been turned off, once you confirm your email you will then be Registered and be able to play the games, save your score, make comments etc. This is a security issue to stop spamming and spambots so I needed to address this right away. Sorry for the inconvenience but this was a security issue to the forum. If you want the acct deleted contact me.

    Update: I have set all the Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Accts that were active to Registered Users, from now on though you will have to activate your acct through the email confirmation system when you first register, you will not be able to play, comment or save scores until you activate your acct. This is to stop spambots from registering.
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