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Thread: CHEATING on the Games

  1. Exclamation CHEATING on the Games

    If I find that a player is cheating I will contact you and ask you to stop and inform me of the games that you have cheated on and I will also ask you who else that you know is cheating then we are OK. If you do not STOP and DO NOT respond I will ban you from the Forum/Arcade and delete all your scores. This is just for fun, play fair and have respect for the other players on the Arcade. Cheating is just like stealing it will not be tolerated on this Forum or Arcade.

    If anyone suspects cheating is going on PM me or Mike (same person) and give me the name of the game and player that is suspected of cheating. Your information and PM will be confidential do not use the Visitor Message use the Private Message or use the Contact Form.
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