I have an extremely slow connection speed which often causes me problems on the net. I have tried practically every browser out there. All newer browsers are so heavy they move too slowly for me to even submit scores in the arcade. Scoring will almost always time out with IE, newer FF versions, Chrome, and Opera.

I have been stuck with FF 2 forever just simply because it is the browser that lets me move about in a fairly timely fashion considering my connection speed of only 26.4 bytes per second. Unfortunately of late, many sites won't work at all with FF 2, but since newer versions don't work with my connection speed, it had become a major problem for me.

Today, I actually found a solution. The latest version of Safari is actually faster than my old FF 2. I can have the same kind of Flash blocker, so I can let the page load before I start the flash game. Plus an extension is available that allows you to view YouTube videos in html5 instead of flash if you want.

I have been shocked at how well Safari works with my connection speed, so I wanted to pass along this info for any other slow connection users.