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Viruses and Malware

How not to get infected by a Virus. First scan all Emails coming in and out of your computer and update the Virus program weekly. Secondly do not Preview your Email in the Preview Pane, disabled it, right click the Email and go to Properties, then the Details Tab, then click the Message Source button, this works in Outlook Express, you cannot get infected by anything that way. If it looks questionable delete it and never open it up. If someone you know sends you an Attachment, Save it to the Desktop, right click on it and run a Virus Scan on it, before you open it. Also run a Virus Scan on the Computer once a month or if it is acting funny. The major reason folks get infected is because of opening Attachments to Emails, if you scan them with your Anti Virus program first, it will catch most Viruses and disable that Preview Pane, Viruses can be in HTML docs to. To find out how to Disable the Preview Pane go to the Computer Help Section and go to the Outlook Link. Happy Computing.
Spyware and Malware is getting really bad on the net, you can get infected just by going to the wrong website or through applications on Facebook or MySpace. What can you do? Use a good up to date Anti-Virus progam, I use AVG the free version and have never been infected by a Virus. I also use Malwarebytes for Malware and it is also free and works very good. I actually used it yesterday on a ladies computer that had a scanner that infected her XP. I booted into Safe Mode and downloaded the install file from to a USB drive, then dragged it onto the computers Safe Mode Desktop. Installed it and ran it, it found 499 infected files and registry entries, I ran her Anti-Virus program first Avast and it only found 3 Trojans. When I rebooted to XP I updated Malwarebytes and it found 39 more infected files and registry entries. I also used Malwarebytes on a really nasty bugger that infected my Brother-inlaws computer, I think it was Anti-Virus 2009, that was getting me fustrated, it would not let you run or install any virus or spyware software. I finally booted into Safe Mode and dragged Malwarebytes install file onto the destop and sure enough could not install it, so I renamed the exe file to howdy.exe and it installed, ran it and Malwarebytes got them all removed, lol, nasty little bugger, I was ready to throw in the towel and reformat. When you connect a USB drive to an infected computer, the virus can infect the USB drive, so after you clean the computer, use the programs to scan the USB drive before you connect it to a clean computer.
What is a Viruses or Malware? They are just small programs that executes when you open it and installs itself on your computer. Just like when you buy legitimate software, you click Install and it installs itself in the registry and program folders. A virus does the same thing, only they try and trick you into installing it, without even knowing that it happened, unlike legitimate software, virus software does not display the fact that it is installing software to your harddrive. Until your Computer starts acting funny, you will not be aware of it running, unless you check certain utilities regularly or run an Anti Virus program in the background. Just be careful, never download a "You need this Special Player to see this," it is a virus program, unless you are downloading from a legitimate site, then yes download it. But still Save it to somewhere on your harddrive and then Scan it with your anti virus software, before you install it. Some sites like MS, Sun Java and Macromedia Flash player, will install from their site, they are legitimate.
If you get infect with a scanner or some program that starts scanning your computer and says you have 100eds of infection but you need to buy this software to get rid of it, your infected, shut down the computer and then restart and keep tapping the F8 key until you get to the black screen. Choose Safe Mode without Network Support and try running your Anti-Virus software and then your Malware program. If they work and remove most of the infections, reboot into the OS and update them and rerun them again to get rid of all the infections.
If you get infected and do not have Anti-virus software, if you can get on the net go to this place and try running a scan. House Call by Trend Micro's, check it out !

Downloading files from the Internet:

I recently downloaded a file from the Net and Scanned it with my Anti-virus, before I opened it. It was infected with the js.Trojan Horse Worm. the Anti-Virus program took care of it, so I was not infected. But if I hadn't and had right clicked on the file I would have been infected. The Email Scan is a must, but always Scan downloaded files before you open them, save them in a special folder, I call mine downloads, then I open a new folder inside that folder for each file I download and keep those Virus Definitions Updated Weekly. Be careful with some files you download, check the Extension on the file before you download it, let say you are downloading a .mpeg make sure it is great.mpeg if it is great.mpeg.vbs or great.mpeg.exe that is a virus, don't even download it, if it has an extra extension like .doc .vbs .scr .exe I would avoid it.

Sharing Disks

The other way to get a Virus is to add some files to your Computer from someone elses floppy disk. Before I install information from someone elses floppy disk or USB Drive I will go to Mycomputer and right click on the drive and have my Antivirus program scan the files before I put them on my system. To the right are the latest threats.

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