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My experience of Installing Windows Vista Ultimate RC1

Installing Vista Ultimate RC1, what fun it was. Comparison Chart for Vista Versions

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Over the weekend I decided to install Vista Ultimate RC1 to one of my hard drives. But it is not going well, lol. I downloaded the ISO file and then tried to figure out some way of burning it to CDs, because I did not have a DVD burner. Well that went well, NOT, I downloaded this program and that program, free ones, to see if I could span the 2 1/2 gig ISO file. I downloaded a splitter program and split the files to 700 megs, I could burn them but they were not spanned disks so I figured that would not work. So I went and bought a combo drive, CD/DVD, to discover, DUH, I could not burn to the DVD only read from it, errrrr. So back to the store and bought a DVD burner, I burned the ISO to a DVD put it in the drive, set the BIOS to boot to the CD-ROM, booted into the Vista install cd and then I got to the drive page. Hmmm. lets see, extend, format, delete and refresh drives, Hmmmmmmm.
I needed to partition one of the drives for Vista to install on, could not do it with Vista. I have no partitioning software, well Partition Magic that is 7 years old, that would not work with XP. Again tried different free partitioning programs, none worked, not going to buy any. So I went into Linux Mandrake and partitioned part of it's free space on the slave drive of my Gaming machine. That worked, by that I mean I was able to install the files for Vista onto the hard drive, but I get an error just as it goes to boot into the Desktop.
Second day, tried everything same error. I next disconnected the XP master drive and hooked the Vista drive to the Master IDE cable, and set it to master, then reformatted the drive and reinstalled Vista RC1, this time it Booted to the Vista Desktop, booting as I'm typing, hmm Ultimate, I did not partition the drive for the BitLocker program, no need unless you have a special chip on your mobo or a USB mini drive for it to store the Keys. Looks really nice, got the Internet Connection working and updated Vista. Playing music with the media player right now, was able to put a mini player on the Taskbar cool : ). Really nice backgrounds, copied and sent some to my XP computer, lol, now all three monitors have the same background, a lighted dock going out onto the ocean.
Vista is setup a lot different then XP, it is like Internet Explore 7 when it comes to Program Menus, they expand down and not out like XP, you also have a shortcut menu bar to the right for stuff like the control panel, computer, network, etc. The Control Panel is the same only more stuff, it has Backup and Restore that is nice, need to set a restore point right now, brb. When you go to do an Administrative Function, it ask you for your permission, a box pops up and you have to click continue to go to the Utility. OK restore point set, that was easy, had Backup files and folders there also or you can backup the entire computer, sweet!! Has a Windows Defender, it is like Adaware, scanning right now lol, 1:31 elapsed time and no unwanted or harmful software detected. To get an idea of what Vista is like try IE 7 has the same look and feel and security as Vista. Lets see we have bitlocker, ISCSI Initiator, People near me, Personalize ( for your Desktop, you can choose what system icon to have on the desktop, lol, I mistakenly deleted the Recycle Bin was able to choose it and walla back on the desktop), Sync Center, Tablet PC Settings, Windows CardSpace, Windows Defender, Windows Sidebar this is cool, you can setup different things to display, like clocks, weather, even rotate small pictures. All the buttons are transparent light blue, really elegant looking actually.
Vista games hmm, nice icons lol, sweet Chess Titans a 3d chess set really really cool, you click on your piece and it shows you were you can move the piece, then the computer moves, will need to come back to this lol, sweet I can even save my game. Solitaire looks the same, nicer cards though, lol Purple Place for the kids, lol, this is cool to, making a cake, lol, on a conveyer belt, the kids will like this, very nice MS. I like Vista, it is like having Windows 98 and going to XP, lol, you will not want to go back to XP.
Follow up: I thought I would elaborate a little on the BitLocker Drive. It only allows you to work on your files that are on the BitLocker Drive, they are encrypted. Unauthorized people can not read or use them. BitLocker encrypts the whole drive, not just individual files. You log on and work on your files, when you are done, you log off. BitLocker helps to block hackers from the System files they use to recover your passwords or access the hard drive. If BitLocker detects a system security risk, such as disk errors, BIOS change or changes to any Startup files, it locks the drive. You then need a special recovery password to unlock it. So, it is a special volume or partition on your hard drive that is encrypted, you need to login to the partition to use or alter files and it can detect intrusions so to speak. Your motherboard needs a chip called TPM "Trusted Platform Module" and a compatible BIOS or a USB flash drive to store the passwords in. I would imagine most brand new computers on the market have these requirements or you can have them added to a computer you order, like from Dell. The TPM chip is already used on some computers, what is new is that MS is encrypting the whole volume, not just the files. You can use EFS "Encrypting File System" on individual files on hard drives not protected by BitLocker, not all versions of Vista support this. On the unsupported Vista versions, you can obtain a Key or certificate and use Cipher.exe at the command prompt to encrypt and unencrypted files.

Wrap up: Here is a break down of a Vista install.

Will post updates as I get familiar with Vista and if I encounter problems with Vista "crosses fingers hoping I do not" . Below is my Vista Desktop Screen shot.

background vista rc1

Vista RC1 build number, I moved the Recycle Bin and used the Snipping Tool in Vista to get this picture.

screen shot vista rc! build

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