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Wisconsin Weather

Here is a photo taken on April 25 2008, we were out all week working in the yard. That Cardinal stayed all winter, built a nest in one of our Evergreen Hedges and now his mate is here and they are raising their babies. He must have wanted to make sure they got the best nesting site, Cardinals are not usually in Wi until this month.

Here is a photo taken on April 28 2008, 3 days later, so much for April showers brings May Flowers, lol.

Winter in April

I remember in one year we were mowing the lawns on March 1st and another year I was putting Shingles on a House on Dec 27 and it was raining, a week before that I was shoveling snow off the same roof, actually I had shoveled that roof about three times in the month of December. We had over two feet of snow and I had to shovel in order to get the shingles up onto the roof, then it rained and all the snow was gone. I finished the roof on December 30th and I was soak and wet by the time I finished it.
So how tough are Wisconsinites? Check out the bottom of this page Wisconsin Weather!


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