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Windows 8 is not Windows 7

I just bought a new Laptop and could only get Windows 8 and it is not a touch screen.
If you still use a mouse and keyboard and are not use to the touch screen interface, Windows 8 on your PC or Laptop is a pain. There is no start menu, no gadgets for your Desktop and no Microsoft games like 7. It is confusing even for me and actually I was so fustrated with it I just wanted to uninstall 8 and install 7.
So instead of removing 8 and installing 7 here are some things you can do to get that Windows 7 feel back:
To get the Start button and menu back there is a free App called Classic Shell once installed and setup you have the old Windows 7 Start button and menu, not exact but you have one.
So with Windows 7 you could drag Gadgets like the, Clock, Calendar, they are in the Touch Screen interface of 8 but you cannot put them on your Desktop, so you can install this and get those back on your Desktop, 8Gadgetpack download and install.
Want your Microsoft Games back well here is a site that shows you how to do that, scroll about half way down the page and he will explain how to get those back How-To Geek.
If you like the Windows 7, XP, Vista.... interface then stay away from Windows 8, all it is a gateway to sell Apps from Microsoft store, it constantly asked me to sign into my Microsoft Acct, I do not have one and do not want one, I realize this is the new trend for everything to be touch screen with apps but geez let us try it out at our own speed, 8 should have an option to switch back to the old interface, when 9 comes remove it.

When you go to install the free 8.1 upgrade which gives you a Start Button that just takes you back to the Apps window, during setup it asks you to setup an acct, now you are traped in this window, even if you shut down and restart you end up at this window and no way out, what I did was put in a fake email address and password and clicked next, said that email address is not right, clicked next, your password is not acceptable, only then did I get "Would you like to continue without setting up an acct" wow MS really! Well anyways if you do get 8 and want some time to get use to it use these steps for some sanity, you can always and I mean always get back to the 8 interface and play around with it by going to Start-Apps Folder-choose an App, then to get back to the Desktop 7 interface while in 8 click the Desktop picture/icon/app, good luck!


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