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XP Help

From what I have read and heard about the Upgrade version of XP, is that, you are better off doing a New install instead of the Upgrade. That is what I'm going to do to, I did an upgrade from 95 to 98 and it was ok, but the new install runs a little better. Also when time comes to Reformat, you don't have to install two programs, that's a pain. Another option I used, was the Classic view for the Control Panel, you do that by Opening the Control Panel, on the left click the Switch to Classic View. The 98 view is just easier for me to navigate. I believe the Games play a little better in XP, I tried Quake lll, Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament. They seemed to run much better in XP. I'll say it again, I like XP, good job Microsoft !!
You need a min of 256 Ram for XP, I'm running 768 in my XP Home Machine, XP actually needs 256 just to run. You can tone down a lot of Ram usage by turning off some of the Services running, check the XP drop box above for the Services page, I shut off 55 running services on my XP Pro system, that's freeing up 12 to 70 megs of Ram usage.
Another thing you can, do to free up the Ram, is to go to the Control Panel, click on the User Accounts, Click on the Change the way users log on and off, Uncheck the Fast User Switching. Another is to go to the System Utility, check out the XP drop box above for the System Page, in the Advanced Tab, click settings, then the Visual Effects, choose the GUI you want XP to use, if you choose Best Performance you have the 98 look everything is Gray, but uses less Ram. The best thing is just add more ram.
Added info on the Task Manager, Taskbar and Hardware Properties for XP, in the XP drop box Task Utilities.
Added an XP links page, to some sites that have Tweaking info for Phone Modems, Tips, Registry hacks and more.
Turn on XPs Firewall, Go to the Control Panel-Network Connections-choose the connection that lists your Network Card-right click and go to Properties-Advanced Tab-check the box for Protect my Computer and Network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the internet ( Firewall ) Also on the General Tab, Uncheck File and Printer Sharing, if you are not sharing.
To find your IP Address, do the same thing, only instead of choosing Properties, choose, Status-Support Tab, lists your IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.
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