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Blue Screen-Unmountable-Boot-Volume-Error

My nieces Computer had this error on it. You could boot to the Windows loading screen and then the Blue Screen would appear. I tried using her Recovery CD, the light on the CD ROM would come on, but it would not boot to the CD. Later I found that the CD ROM was defective. I brought it home from Florida and tried a few things, but still the Blue Screen. Finally I fixed it:

UPDATE: I recieved an email from Ken who ran into this problem, he found another way to fix this problem using Windows 7:
Good morning. I removed the hard drive and connected it to my Windows 7 laptop using an External USB case in an effort to remove data before attempting the CHKDSK. As soon as I plugged the drive into the Laptop using the USB connector, a message appeared saying there were problems with the hard drive and did I want to fix them? I said YES and the CHKDSK routine started. To make a long story short, the drive is now working without having to boot with the floppy disk. To be truthful, I am a little disapponted that Windows 7 fixed it- I wanted to try your method.
Thank you for your advice. I am enjoying your website.
All the Best!

Note: There is also a connector that can be purchased to connect an Internal hard drive to a USB connection, instead of using an External Hard Drive Case.

*Normally you would use your Windows XP cd and go to the Recovery Console to do this.*
At the Bottom of the page are instructions on how to install the Recovery software to your Harddrive, in case the CD ROM stops working.

I took a Windows 98 Startup Floppy Disk and booted to the DOS Prompt, then I typed:


Hit Enter

C:/> got to the C Prompt

Next I typed:

chkdsk /p
There is a space between the k and /

Hit Enter ( let this run until it is done )

chkdsk /r
There is a space between the k and /

Hit Enter ( /r may run for awhile, let it go until it is done. )

Next I typed:

fixboot c:
There is a space between the t and c

Hit Enter ( fixboot will fix the boot.ini file, it will ask if you want to do this, yes I do ! )

After this runs type


Hit Enter

Then Shut down and then restart the computer ( Presarios do not come with a Reset Switch like all other computers, you have to turn the computer off, then restart it, would increase the price of thier computers to much lol ) or hit the ctrl-alt-delete keys. Also remove the Floppy Disk, XP should now boot up. If you get this Error, try unplugging the IDE cable and Power plug to the CD ROM, DVD, RW or whatever is hooked up to that IDE cable and try Booting up, ( make sure you unplug the Computers power cord first, before you open up the case, do not do this unless you know what you are doing ) on my nieces, it was that the CD ROM that was bad, although everytime it was taken to the shop under warranty, 6 times, they told her it was a bad Hard Drive, which would normally be the case for that error, it wasn't the Hard Drive guys.
After installing a new CD ROM, Tiffany had the same thing happen again, so she sent it back to me and I was able to use one of my XP cds to fix it again. Being that she has no XP cd ( the old CD ROM ate it ), I installed the Recovery Software onto the Harddrive. Now when she boots up the computer she has the option to go to the Console if it happens again. Here is how you install the Recovery Software to your Harddrive.

While you have XP running:

1. Insert the XP cd into the CD ROM drive.
2. Go to Start-Run and type in d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons where d is your CD ROM drive.
3. The Windows Setup screen describes the Recovery Console option, click Yes to install the software.
4. Restart your computer and at boot up you will have the option to go to the Recovery Console.
Also for those of you who own these computers, Compaq has a patch to prevent this from happening, did not work on Tiffanys, it will not fix the error if you have it. Compaq has a patch on their website for the Presario 5400us, if you have a different model use the "Look up your Model" search box.
This is a link, to a MS support pages about the Recovery Console


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