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Thank You emails from people I have helped

Hi Mike, opening folders within the directories works fine, but any system file, .doc, .txt etc is giving me problems. while following your directionss I noted that the box you mentioned was not checked however, I did go to view and click "view as web page" and it fixed the problem. Go figure. If it wasn't for the lack of software support, I would be a red hat guy from here on in. thanks a million for your help. put me in your address book and if there is ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask Ken
I just wanted to thank your for your website. I recently reformatted my hard drive and the information on your site for reformatting helped me to do this for my first time with success. This site is now on my favs list as it is stocked full of great information. Have a great w/e and again...tyvm, bd
Thanks Mike, The startup menu was checked, I unchecked it and the computer boots up properly (No Start up menu). Thanks allot for your help. I couldn't remember what to do and as I said I checked all over the net trying to resolve this annoying little problem, and I stumbled across your Web site and its solved, thanks again. Ron
Hi Mike, thanks for trying to help me, im afraid that didnt get me into the tripod site, in the meantime i have got in touch with my server (blueyonder -high speed cable modem ), and complained it was getting slow, they advised to change from the proxy server they installed last time back to original setting, this i did: it cured the speed, and it also cured the problem of getting to tripod sites! so maybe it was just the proxy server, any- way im extremely grateful for the time you spent looking at the problem, and thought the info might be of use if prob arises again in the future! many thanks again alan.
IF YOU WERE HERE RIGHT NOW, YOU WOULD GET A BIG KISS, HUG AND STEAK DINNER!!!! I FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and then when my husband got done thanking you it would be my turn!!!!!) LOL. (Ask your wife to stand in for us!) Really, THANK YOU!!! I haven't looked at all of them yet, this may be premature, but there is a LOT there!! under lost it says clusters 687317 -79320 then there is some under deleted and root. !! I am so excited. It's like losing all of your valuable and personal things and thinking they are gone forever and then finding them. I will report back to you, and let you know how it ends up. Thank you so much for your help. Sally
Mike, HALLELUJAH !!!!!!! You fixed it for me. Thank you very much. The only thing wrong now, it is opening each picture in separate windows. I know I've seen a box somewhere along the line that you check to fix this.....but I'm afraid I'll get in there and screw everything up again. Ha. Would it be asking too much for directions to where I can fix this?? No, my team didn't win. Thank you for asking. As a matter of fact we got thoroughly embarrassed and slaughtered at the same time. (Can you guess - - Ohio State???) Mike, I don't know how you can possibly have the patience to help people like me, but I want you to know that your service is GREATLY appreciated. Keep up the good work. Larry
Hi again, Well, I went back over to my friends today and got the cable hooked up securely. Found a fitting around the house that fit the hole near the parallel hookup. Turned on the computer and the same error to LPT1 port appeared. I went into "set up" and guess what? The parallel port was disabled!!! I had no idea what I was doing, but I enabled the port and now we're printing. I want to again THANK YOU!!! for all your help. If you hadn't mention the BIOS and setup, we probably would have been to a repair shop for nothing. By the way, you'll probably be getting an e-mail from my cousin with a software question. I told her to run it by you. She's having trouble with her browser window. It keeps disappearing on her. Thanks again for your support. A happy ending. Arlene
Mike, I sent you the below message. I then went in and saw that I have TWO URL: Hypertext Transfer Protocols and changed the 2nd one. I also went in and made the changes to .gif and .jpeg. I then opened mail attachments on those I lost the browser with. They opened & I kept my browser! Am I dreaming or did you "doed it", fixed it? Jo:):):):):)
Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I found my files, you were right they are on my hard drive. Thanks to you, next semester, I will be taking a computer class and learning what I need to know in order to do the basics with these things. I do appreciate you and your assistance. You are truly my new friend. Have a blessed day!!!!! Barbara
Thanks Mike We are up and running. You have been very helpful. Kym
Just wanted to say thank you. I found you when I went to AskJeeves.com to find out how many kilobytes in a megabyte, and I found a link to your site. Wow, I didn't know that KB and Kb or MB and Mb were not the same thing. Thank you for providing the information in a clear and concise format. Respectfully, Tracy
Mr. Hanson, I just wanted to thank you for your e-mail advice. I did what you said and now I have my computer icon back up in windows explorer and am able to install programs. Again many thanks. Sincerely, Kent B Clark
Whats up Mike. Just wanted to say thanks. Why? Beacsue Id been searching the web for many many months about reformatting hardrives, and continued to get information that was written in languages not yet invented. I got frustrated, and eventually gave up in the spring. Im a designer, you know one of thsoe "artsy" types, and the while I do want to learn the backend technical aspects of computers, it can be slow to register becasue it can often kill my creative "rush". Anyways, found your article this morning on reformatting on yahoo- 2 seasons later -turned on my other computer which had been giving me problems for months..read your site/instructions from my other computer - and everything went xtra smooth. Your site is bokmarked and framed in gold forever. Thanks, and happy holidays. Ohsokool
Hi Mike, I just wanted to say thank you for the help I found on your site re viruses in email attachments. I was tearing my hair out until I found your web site. I will certainly be visiting it again in the future. Many Thanks, Carol
IM just writing to tell you how helpful your information has been for me, in all the time looking for help, this is the only time I was able to get the help I needed and it was easy to follow information, I now have my 4 year old computer working great, thanks to YOU I keep you on my favorites THANK YOU THANK YOU Patty
Mike Thanks so much for the tip. We'll try it over the weekend. By the way, I e mailed before about some problem with Norton Symantec and the tip you gave worked fine. Again Happy Holiday and I'll update you. Arlene
01/01/2007, Hi Mike! Thanks for a really neat website. I appreciate the time you've taken to share all of the little diddy's and info :o) I'll be checking out more stuff when I get the chance. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!!! Terry P.S. Here's a favorite quote that I think is appropriate for thoughtful people like you:

Far and Wide:

Thank you so much. The info you gave me about making folders worked fine. I thought I had checked every spot looking for it - but I missed one, eh? Your prompt reply was so surprising. How I heard about it was a niece sent me one of your quizzes. When I saw it was from Mike's computer info, I went to your site. It is really a good one! Thanks again for your prompt reply! I've sent the info on to a friend that had asked me if I knew how to do it. So you've helped at least 2 people today! Marylou
Mike, Thanks for your help. I did find the problem. There was a in use that did not return DHCP. Apparantly whan that happens MS uses a default IP that was in a different sequence than was what on the rest of the simple network. I manually entered an IP & Gateway that coordinated with the rest of the system. That solved the problem. Rich
Hi, Mike!! Thank you so much for the information. I was able to recover half of the hard drive. Thank you also for your condolences. It will take a while for us all to recover from this devastating event but we will arise, go forth and conquer. Thanks again and now I know who I can turn to for RELIABLE computer advice. Keep up the good work and from now on when folks ask me something about their computer, I will refer them to your site!! THANK YOU, Liz.
Your Welcome Mike It was clear and concise, thank you. I haven't heard the word concise in a long time (your not my old English teacher are you...lol Tuni knows about spam she learned lol. Thanks for info on outlook I didn't know that. Well I don't know what a preview pane is but I have Antivirus from Norton (I hope that's good) and Aol Antivirus (sometimes they conflict) battle of the viruses lol... I'm just a transplant Brit to Ga USA. Thanks again for all you do and thank you for helping me out..........MAWOYA (may angels watch over you always) Rose
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 4:49 AM
Subject: RE: Monitor "Sleep Mode" and Start up items:
Mike, Thank you for your two emails to me. I have found the information from the two URLs you referred to very very useful and have now resolved the problem. Once again thank you for your technical advice and quick response to my query.
William 2010-04-29 
Hey Mike, I m trying to get a virus off my computer. There is a Personal Security thing that blocks everything i get on. I try to take it off but it expects me to buy it to take it off. I try to install other anti-virus programs to get rid of the virus but it wont let me download. What are other ways that i can get the Personal Security off to put another anti-virus software on?

My Response: Hi William
Basically I downloaded Malwarebytes anti spyware program from https://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php to a flash drive from a different computer, then booted the computer into safe mode, copied and pasted the exe file to the desktop, I had to rename the exe install file to howdy.exe it opened and installed, ran it and it got rid of most of it. I then rebooted into safe mode with network support and the opened malwarebytes, updated it and ran it again, then updated AVG Free anti virus and ran that, then rebooted into windows and ran them again. That cleaned it up.

Williams Response to solution:
Hey man! That really worked. I did what you said you done and it actually worked!!! Thanks!!!
From Tai
OMG! just the recycle bin and temp folder dump has my computer running almost full speed again! I was so excited I could not go to sleep till 2am! Here I am in Mexico thinking I will have to get a new computer...it is 5 years old... Thank you so much for your step-by-step instructions and for making this available. Tai
From Pam 6/21/2010
omg!!!! you are awesome. I don't know which fix fixed it, but after I went thru pitstop and then the other links you gave me and checking windows media player for updates, and there was one, did the restart and POOF!
I have audio again!
Thank you so very much for all your help and your patience with an old lady that is so totally computer stupid!!!!
Thanks again so very much!!!!


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