The Best Resources On The Web


Find links out to some of the best websites in the computer hardware repair, parts, and building industry.


Great Sites For Learning Or Putting Builds Together.

1. Toms Hardware
2. Anandtech
3. PC Part Picker
4. Wired


The Best Places To Buy Your Parts, Upgrades, & Accessories.

1. Newegg
2. Micro Center
3. Amazon
4. B&H


The Best Repair Shops To Take Your Computer In To Get Fixed.

1. GadgetMates
2. Geek Squad
3. Nerds On Call
4. Apple Store

Mike’s Computer Info: Trusted External Resources and Links

At Mike’s Computer Info, we strive to be your go-to hub for all things computer-related. While our in-house resources cover a broad spectrum, we understand that sometimes you might need a specialized touch or a different perspective. That’s why we’ve curated this list of trusted external resources to help you navigate the vast world of computing. Dive in, and remember, knowledge is just a click away!

1. General Computer Help and Tutorials

2. Software Recommendations and Reviews

3. Hardware Troubleshooting and Reviews

  • Tom’s Hardware: Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of computer components.
  • AnandTech: Expert reviews and benchmarking for tech aficionados.

4. Networking and Security

  • Network World: From VPNs to server maintenance, get your networking queries addressed.
  • Krebs on Security: Stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news and threats.

5. Coding and Development

  • Stack Overflow: A community-driven space to solve those pesky coding errors.
  • GitHub: Open-source projects, repositories, and collaborative software development.

6. Gaming and Graphics

  • IGN Tech: The latest reviews on gaming rigs, graphics cards, and more.
  • NVIDIA Blog: Stay in the loop with advancements in graphics technology.

7. Operating Systems and Updates

  • Windows Central: News, reviews, and updates from the world of Windows.
  • MacRumors: Apple news and rumors you can trust.

8. Forums and Community Support

A Note From Mike’s Team

Exploring the wide world of computing can be a daunting task. We’ve handpicked these resources based on reliability, credibility, and relevance. However, always exercise caution, read multiple reviews, and ensure you’re making informed decisions. We’re here to help, but there’s a vast community out there just as eager to lend a hand. Dive deep, stay curious, and happy computing!

I’ve learned a lot about what areas I need to focus on from the content here. Some of it will inspire…some will instruct…some will humble you.
Jason Mendoza

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