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What does a Webmaster do? page 2

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As you can see from page 1, the Webmaster has a lot of Responsibilities and Tasks to do, to keep a website, interesting, functioning and secure and you thought it was easy. It takes a lot of hours, days, weeks oh heck years to develop a good website. Not saying mine is good, bad or excellent, lol, just illustrating what is involved in owning a website. I have over 800 pages that the public accesses and more 17,200 total files and 10,200 on my Arcade site, it does get to be a daunting task keeping them updated with fresh content. Plus some content is out of date, so you remove them and put in new content to replace it. I now run 3 websites, and my son inlaws site. I do these as a hobby to learn more about coding and for fun to keep my mind active. It is fun creating something with code and see it come to life on my computer screen. I also like problem solving and enjoy trying to figure out why something is giving errors, could just be just one missing bracket or quotation mark.
Why do I have Websites, you ask. Well, I used to watch Leo LaPort on TechTV, he had a show called Call for Help and The ScreenSavers. He kind of inspired me to give it a shot, WOW, some of my first pages, hmm, hey I was learning. Actually I did some studying online and bought many books on the subject. I also took a Total Webmaster course at the local Community College and passed with a 4. grade average : ), slaps self on back lol, I have also been doing this for the last 10 years, learning something new each and every day. I also at the same time started messing around with Computers, tearing them apart and rebuilding them. I even built 5 of my own computers from scratch. I use to do paintings, sculptures, woodworking, wrenched on cars and made gold and silver jewelry, I needed something for my creative side and feed my desire to learn new stuff, hence Computers and a Website and my Beautiful and Loving wife calls herself a Computer Widow, I like doing this, more then I like TV. I love learning new things and keeping my mind activate and alert, these do that and are relatively inexpensive, (yes Honey I know the Computers were pricey, but hey, we get a lot of entertainment from them and it was cheaper to build, then buy=savings lol). Plus, you can not really wrench on new cars anymore, woodworking tools "gone", stop the art stuff years ago. The mechanical side gets to build Computers and to open the Hood or Case and tweak it to go faster. My Creative side gets to write code and see it pop up on the screen as I look and say WoW that looks nice, there are many rewards to having a Website, especially when your visitors send you nice comments and when you are able to help a visitor fix a problem with their computer, plus, hey, you are on the Internet and the Whole World can visit your Website. pretty darn cool!
Back to the subject matter and as to why I even created these pages. Well a couple reasons for doing it. First to give regular Website Visitors an inside look, at what it takes to Publish a Website for them to use and enjoy. Secondly to give visitors a little insight into this Webmaster and to give you a better understanding of the ABCs of a Website. Would you like to have your own Website? Did I make it sound to hard and complex? It is and it isn't, if you just want a personal site, you can always register at a place like or Facebook, pretty easy to put up pictures, post comments and interact with friends, relatives and other people. That is a simple straight forward approach, if you have a burning desire of having a site devoted to a special interest or hobby of yours, then having your own Website is the ticket. The hardest part to starting your own site is the very first page, the index.html page, you site there and go, well what do I put on this page, hours later you are still wondering what to put on the page, lol. Then after you finally get something on the index page or home page, you realize you will have page 2,3,4 ------, and they all have to be linked together. That is the hard part of starting a website, content. You can download the Tools and a lot of them are Free, to Host a small site, you may pay around $5.00 a month, to register a .com about $10.00 to $20.00 a year. You can also get a lot of free graphics and remotely hosted things, such as Guest books, Blog's, etc, on the web, they just require you to link to their site and respect the copyright information. If on the other hand, you would like to create a Commercial Website to sell your products, then it gets a little more involved, actually a lot more involved, depending on the scope of the Website and the number and types of products you would like to sell. One good alternative for this, is a Yahoo Store or an Ebay Store, you pay a set amount each month and they provide the Traffic and all the tools needed to setup and run a Store on the Web. On to page 3 were I will discuss Webmastering some more, excited : )
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