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The Site contains Computer Help and Information, listed under Computer Help, it contains information on Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7. There is also a Message, Articles, Fun, Quizzes, Build Computer, Remodel and Misc Sections, they contain such things as a Games, Articles, Remodeling Help, Quizzes and Tests, Cartoons, Guestbook, Forum and Arcade, Puzzles and much more. The Computer Help Links will take you to the topics that you may need help with. To keep your Computer running smoothly keep your Software Updated, Uninstall and Install Software correctly and by running Maintenance Software. I do this and rarely have problems with my Computers. The Computer Help Links will inform you on how to do that and what to use. You can also check out the Computer Help Page for a list of the Contents of each page in the Computer Help Section and the Site Map for a list of all the pages on this site. This site is just a Hobby of mine, it is fun for me and hopefully useful and fun for you to, everything is free for everyone to enjoy. This site uses Java and Flash, you need Java enabled and the Flash Player to use some of the features on this site. If you would like to Contact Mike use the Contact Form under Message. Have fun and enjoy the Website.
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Thank You for stopping by, back to coding lol. type


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