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Windows 7 Start Page

Windows 7 went on sale Oct 22 2009, I bought the 3 pack Family deal you can Upgrade 3 computers for $150.00, that is only $50.00 a computer. The link above is my experience installing 7 and some Tips and some screen shots too, if you are planning on upgrading to 7 go to the Windows 7 page and do some research on what version you should buy and whether you want the Retail version or Upgrade version. I had XP so that meant a reformat and install with the Upgrade version, with Vista you can upgrade but make sure you use the right version, there are also 32-bit and 64-bit versions. I would recommend downloading and installing the Compatibility Advisor it will let you know what version you should get and what will and will not have problems with 7 as far as your computer software and hardware are concerned. So far I really like 7 it is faster then Vista even faster when you tweak it a bit, lol. Uses a bit of Ram/Memory though, I run 3 gigs of ram on mine and 2 gigs on my wifes, I would have a least 2 gig minimum of ram installed for 7. You also need a good Graphics adapter to run the Aero feature in 7 as it was with Vista. Again the compatibility advisor will let you know, if it says that it will not run Aero the way it is, there might be a driver update for your graphics adapter that will update it to be able to run Aero. You could search the manufactures website to see if there is a driver update for your adapter, if you are already running Vista with Aero running you are good to go. I am really wanting to upgrade my last XP Home machine to 7, XP looks kind of plain after using 7, lol, the same as it was from Windows 95 to Windows 98, 98 was so much cooler then 95, lol, and XP was way cooler then 98. If you are still running XP and did not like Vista, you will like 7 and will not miss XP, after a few tweaks, lol.

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