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Startup List S thru Z

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Items S thru Z
Sa3dsrv 3D sound extension for windows Not required
SAFEINST.EXE (Safeinst.exe) This utility from Imation detects the parallel port chipset on your motherboard to see if is compatible with the LS 120 Superdisk. Not required in the startup
Savenow (savenow.exe) This program is installed by software such as Imesh,and other software that comes bundled with Savenow. Savenow is also identified as SPYWARE, meaning that it transmits data from your machine to other machines on the Internet. Not required.
ScanRegistry (scanregw.exe) This program scans your Registry at startup and makes copies. Useful for backing up in the event of a corrupted Registry. NEEDED!
Scheduling Agent (mstask.exe) Keep this if Task Scheduler is being used. a general-purpose scheduling program that comes preconfigured to maintain the computer's hard disks by running programs such as ScanDisk,Defrag and Disk Cleanup scheduled times. You can also use Scheduling Agent to schedule programs to run at specified intervals. These applications can be started manually These applications can be started manually and it not required
Service Connection (sccenter.exe) This is Backweb also Not required
SFAgent.exe This is for the SpamFighter program. If your are using SpamFighter, it is required.
ShockmachineReminder (smreminder.exe) Creates a Shockwave icon in your system tray that notifies you about new content on Shockmachine is a digital media player that lets you save your favorite titles, control your entertainment experiences with VCR-style buttons, and play back your titles in full-screen mode or even offline. Not required.
SHPC32 Compaq printer utility which is required in the startup menu in order to make the printer work correctly. !NEEDED!
Sm56acl SM56 Software Modems system tray icon. Not required
SMS Client Service When the SMS Client service starts on a domain controller, the Client service modifies the SMSCliToknAcct & user account group membership, user rights, and account comment. The Client service then waits for the synchronization of the comment to verify that the account and user rights are properly set for this account. This account is used to obtain a token to start the SMS Client processes, such as the Software Inventory and Software Distribution agents. (Microsoft systems Management Server)
SMS Win9x Message Agent This program assigns a user to a Systems Management Server site
Snsicon (snsicon.exe) Launches a leaf icon on the System Tray to enable a screensaver Program from Second Nature. The screensaver is a high-quality images from different image collections published by Second Nature Software, which can be used as screen savers and wallpaper. The photographic or painted images include colorful outdoor scenes, warbirds, fantasy, castles, sailing, steam engines, and more. The program features a "Slide Show Toolbar" which controls the wallpaper and screen saver settings. Not required in startup. Can be run manually.
Sonic A3D Control (vrtxctrl.exe) Sound related options = Not required
SpeedRacer Software for a Creative sound card. Not required at startup.
Spinner Plus (spinner.exe) Spinner Plus lets you listen to over 100 channels of music broadcast from Spinner Plus uses RealNetwork's G2 technology to provide high-quality online audio. The technology adjusts the audio streaming to match your Internet connection speed, which helps eliminate sound distortion or choppiness. Spinner Plus starts automatically when its in the startup menu.Can be run manuallyà Startà Programà Spinner Plus
SS Runner V3.0 (runner.exe) Launches a Screensaver program by synthesoft that creates a system tray icon which enables the screensaver and also that you can access it's option menus. Not required in startup Can be run manually.
SSPDSRV (ssdpsrv.exe) Provides Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) and General Event Notification Architecture (GENA) services for Universal Plug and Play functionality.
Startacc (startacc.exe) Launches Webroot's Accelerate 2000 software that speeds up your Internet connection by up to 300%. Not required in startup. Can be run manually.
Startup Part of Iomega Zip Drive, Not required
Startupmonitor This is a freeware tool which monitors the startup list and provides a warning when an application tries to add something to it, which allows the user to determine whether to allow the addition.
StateMgr (statemgr.exe) Another portion of Windows Millennium required for Restore functionality.!NEEDED!
StikyNot.exe MS Windows Sticky Notes fill, only on if you have notes on your Desktop
Still imageMonitor (Stimon.exe) The still image monitor (stimon.exe) is a program installed by Windows Millennium Edition (Me) and Windows 98 when a Universal Serial Bus scanning device is successfully enumerated. It is configured to load and run automatically at startup, and is loaded from the registry key. Stimon.exe enables a USB still-image device (scanner) to initiate data transfer to another program. This is called "push model" behavior and is exemplified by scan buttons on scanning devices that iniates scanning. Stimon.exe contains two modules: Event Monitor and Control Center. Event Monitor detects events from connected USB scanning devices while Control Center determines how to react to these incoming events. Not required
Stutfix Cures problems with sound stutter !NEEDED!
SXGDSENU (sxgdsenu.exe) Sleep related !NEEDED!
SymTray - Norton SystemWorks Keeps all System Tray icons for Norton SystemWorks together to reduce clutter. SystemWorks includes Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Utilities and Norton CleanSweep - mentioned elsewhere here. Personally I only have Norton eMail Protect running which doesn't need SymTray.
SynTPEnh (syntpenh.exe) On Laptops - Required for touchpad features to work !NEEDED!
SynTPLpr (syntplpr.exe) On Laptops - Required for touchpad features to work !NEEDED!
Sysdoc (sysdoc32.exe) Norton System Doctor helps keep your computer free of problems and running at peak efficiency. By default, Norton System Doctor runs quietly in the background, continually monitoring your computer's operating environment. It can alert you immediately when conditions require attention. Not Required in startup. Can be run manually.
System DLF (cpqdiaga.exe) A Compaq Diagnostic record system utility which allow you to view information about your computer's hardware and software configuration. Not required Can be run manually.
SystemTray (systray.exe) Required for your clock and other items in the System Tray. !NEEDED! For more information ->
SystemWizard Sniffer A program from SystemSoft that solves hardware and software problems on your PC It's your choice
T4UMHF5=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\T4UMHF5.VBS VBS/Anjulie@MM Virus Virus Removal Instructions
Taskbar Display Controls Only appears in MSCONFIG if you have a Display Settings icon in the System Tray allowing resolution changes on the fly. Can also be disabled under Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> General. if you remove it, it comes back. It's better to remove it manually
TaskMonitor (Taskmon.exe) This is a Microsoft utility which keeps track of the rate of usage of programs to make defragging more efficient. Not required in startup.
TCAUTIEXE (tcaudiag) A program from 3COM that creates a system tray icon that you use to run the 3com NIC diagnostic program. Momentarily place your mouse cursor over the 3com icon to obtain network traffic(frame sent, frame received and link speed) and information about the installed NIC. .Not Required. Can be run manually.
TGCMG Related to Rogers@Home, causes errors in WinSock32.dll. Not required for connection to work.
Time Sync Add Client For palm pilots, and Pda's needed in the startup in order for those devices to function properly
Timemanager.exe An easy to use program for recording how you spend your time, designed to help you in billing multiple clients. Not required
Tips Provides tips for using the mouse--probably Not required by most users.
TkBellExe A link to information on this RealPlayer Startup item TkBellExe
Touch Manager A keyboard utility. Not required for Windows, but a very nice program. NOTE: some users report that removing the check of this item resulted in loss of screen and power saver functions.
Tour (Wincool.exe) A program that reminds you to watch the Windows Millennium Interactive Video Sampler. Not required
Tray Temperature (Weatherbug.exe) [Weatherbug] This small utility program by AWS provides a constantly updated neighborhood temperature in your taskbar plus instant access to weather forecasts, storm warnings and alerts, travel forecasts, radar maps and more. Local area access is determined via zip code, and you can access the weather elsewhere.Not required in startup Can be run manually.
Trayzip (trayzip.exe) A Zip Compression utility that creates a system Tray icon that says zip in blue. You can just click the right mouse button on the TrayZip icon to bring up the menu options. Not required. Can be started manually.
Trickler (fsg.exe) This program is installed by software such as Roger Wilco, Snood and other software that comes bundled with Gator. Gator is also identified as SPYWARE, meaning that it transmits data from your machine to other machines on the Internet. Not required.
TrueVector (vsmon.exe) Required for users running the ZoneAlarm firewall. ZoneAlarm is dependent on a component called TrueVector. TrueVector monitors and controls Internet access on your computer. By default, TrueVector (vsmon.exe) is configured to run as a service when your system boots up. Currently, the TrueVector service continues to run when you close any client, until you shut down your computer or the service in the services manager. This ensures that security rules are enforced when your computer is running, even if no one is logged on
TVWakeup Hidden TV Control from Microsoft Web TV, Not required
TweakDUN An utility to optimize your Internet Browser Software. TweakDUN promotes faster Internet data transfer rates and faster downloads by eliminating fragmentation of data packets. It's your choice
TweakUI Tweak UI lets you adjust dozens of tiny settings without having to mess around with the registry. Some users will need to have this loaded at startup to enable some of its options. If TweakUI is used to enter a network password it will be listed twice.
updatemgr.exe (updatemgr.exe) Once a month, your EarthLink 5.0 Update Manager contacts EarthLink's servers to check for software updates. If an update is available for your EarthLink software, Update Manager will inform you and, with your permission, download and install the update. Not required. Can go to and download the updates manually
USB Hub Keyboard Patch (skbpatch.exe) USB HUB Update extends the support of Windows 98 USB Hub for newer USB Technology. Needed
USBMMKBD A program for usb keyboard Needed
Usrobotics online registration Pop-up reminding customers to register their products online at Us Robotics.Not required
VidSvr Web TV channel guide Not required
VirusScan Console From McAfee VirusScan up to version 4.x. Used to schedule regular scans. If you don't have scans scheduled ,then its not required
VirusScan System Scan From McAfee VirusScan up to version 4.x. McAfee's real-time scanner - scans files on Run/Create/Copy/Rename. Normally disabled as it interferes with other programs. Scan files manually.
VirusScan System Tray From McAfee VirusScan up to version 4.x. Runs if you have any of the VirusScan options running.
Vistascan (vistascan.exe) Included in VistaScan are VistaAccess and VistaShuttle. VistaAccess gives you quick and easy access to scanning functions right from your desktop. For Windows users, you'll see a scanner icon in the Windows Tray of the Taskbar. Click this icon and a menu opens. Not required
Voodoo2 (3dfxv2ps.dll) Loaded and run via RUNDLL32.EXE to launch the UpdateRegSettings function to restore Voodoo2 registry settings that can't be retained normally. Essential for 3dfx/Voodoo2 owners. !NEEDED!
VortexTray System Tray application for Aureal Vortex based soundcards. Can be run manually via Start -> Settings -> Control Panel. Not needed
VoyetraTray This provides an abbreviated Control Group for the Turtle Beach Montego II sound functions/associated with AudioStation 3 and 32.
VsecomrEXE (vsecomr.exe) McAfee nag popup to encourage users to upgrade to the latest version.
Vshield McAfee virus scan. Not required if manual scans of downloads and disk contents are faithfully done--should remain checked for most users.
Vshwin32EXE (vshwin32.exe) Also McAfee. Not required if manual scans of downloads and disk contents are faithfully done--should remain checked for most users.
VsStatEXE (vsstat.exe) McAfee antivirus program. If you are careful about downloads and faithfully perform manual virus scans this can be unchecked. For most users, however, it should stay.
W3kNETWORK (W3KNET.DLL) The Web3000 Network technology displays online advertising services to Internet users through a network of installed software products. Not required in startup.
Washer (washer.exe) Windows Washer utility from webroot which automatically cleans your browser's cache, cookies, history, mail trash..etc. when loaded in the startup menu it displays a system tray icon that look like a sqeegy that can perform timed cleaning. Can be run manually -> Start->Program Not required
washindex Windows Washer from Webroot Software. Useful utility that deletes safe to remove files. Re-instates itself in MSCONFIG every time you run it :
Watchdog Program (watchdog.exe) MONITORS ISP/DIALUP CONNECTION Not required
Waterfall Pro 2.99 (wfp.exe) [wfp] Waterfall Pro is a very powerful utility which protects your PC and cools down your processor. It was designed for PC users who want a cooler and safer Windows environment, as well as for laptop users who need to save power so that the battery will have a longer life. Waterfall Pro decreases your CPU temperature up to 30C. It also optimizes your CPU for a faster performance. Not required Can be run manually.
Wcmdmgr.exe It will periodically contact WildTangent servers to see if an update is available for your. It is a visualization for the Winamp mp3 player. Not required in startup
Web outfitter tray (sttray.exe) Launches the Intel web outfitter software at startup and creates a system tray icon which enable you to access the option menus. . Not required in startup
WebHancer Agent (whagent.exe) System Tray application that starts up Webhancer software. A Software that optimizes your web browser. A waste of system resources. Not required
Webshots Screensaver program that automatically downloads from the webshots web site.
WhenUstart.exe (Whenu.exe) An online shopping utility that will launch itself automatically, and appears on the left side of your browser when you surf with a retail shopping site using the WhenUShop software. Not required in startup.
WinampAgent (winampa.exe) Launches a System Tray icon which you can access Winamp Player easier and it's menu options.Not required.Can be started manually from Start -> Programs
WINDLL.EXE (WINDLL.EXE) GirlFriend 1.35 is kind of old and no longer updated. But it is still a common trojan. It's most dangerous feature is the fact it records any passwords you enter. Also unlike GirlFriend 1.30 this version does not seem to infect Windows NT. Manual removal: Remove the Windll.exe key in the registry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Which can be done with regedit or any other registry editing program Reboot the computer or close Windll.exe Delete the trojan file Windll.exe in the windows directory.
Windows Eyes For blind people, gives a voice description of items on the screen. Windows application which gives you total control over what you hear, when you hear it, and how you hear it. Not needed Can be run manually
Winkey This is a freeware Windows macro program which can be used to launch programs and open folders with Windows key combinations. Users rate it worth the RAM it uses.
Winmgmt.exe Used for Enterprise Management. If you are not an IT Administrator you don't need it to be running.
winmodem (winmodem.exe) Software Modem utility system tray icon. This is not required
WinPoET (WinPPPoverEthernet.exe) [WinPPPoverEthernet] Wind River's Winpoet is the industry's first Windows product to provide end users with authenticated access to high-speed broadband networks using the Microsoft dial-up interface. Not required in the Startup
Wkcalrem The Works Calendar Reminder. Leave it checked if you want the calendar to remind you of something.
WKDETECT An program that automatically looks for updates for Microsoft Works. The user can easily do this manually at convenient intervals.
WorksFUD (wkfud.exe) A marketing program for Microsoft Works. Not required
Yahoo Pager (ypager.exe) Yahoo! Messenger allows you to send instant messages. Using Yahoo! Messenger, you can see when friends are online and chat back and forth with them, like having a real conversation. Not required Can be run manually
zBrowser Launcher (commandr.exe or Itouch.exe) Launches a keyboard software from Logitech named Key commander or Itouch on startup which creates a system tray icon which you can access the menu options. This software lets you program various key on the Logitech keyboard to open programs and internet web site with a touch of a button. Needed in startup for users of logitech keyboards.
ZipDisk Icons Creates a Zip Drive icon on the system tray -- Not required
ZoneAlarm (zonealarm.exe) Uses 7% resources Launches ZoneAlarm at startup and creates a System tray Icon which you can access the menu options.!Needed! Please note that if users select not to run ZoneAlarm on startup in the Configure panel, then it will not load as a service.(Minilog & True Vector.
ZoneAlarm Pro (zonealarm.exe) Launches ZoneAlarm Pro at startup and creates a System tray Icon which you can access the menu options. Please note that if users select not to run ZoneAlarm Pro on startup in the Configure panel, then it will not load as a service.(minilog & True Vector) Needed!

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