CPU / Processor Quiz

Welcome to your CPU / Processor Quiz

Which company manufactures the Ryzen series of processors?

What is the primary function of a CPU's cache?

Which of the following is not a type of CPU architecture?

Hyper-Threading Technology is a feature introduced by which company?

What does the term "overclocking" refer to in relation to CPUs?

Which factor directly affects the heat generation of a CPU?

What does "multi-core" mean in CPU terms?

Which technology allows a CPU to work on more than one task at once?

In which unit is CPU speed typically measured?

Which of the following is a factor in CPU performance?

What does the acronym "SoC" stand for, commonly used in mobile processors?

Which technology does Intel use to shrink the size of transistors in its CPUs?

What is the main disadvantage of overclocking a CPU?

In terms of CPUs, what does "NM" stand for?

Which of these is a common CPU cooling solution?