Operating System Quiz

Welcome to your Operating System Quiz

Which of the following is NOT a type of operating system?

The "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) is commonly associated with which OS?

Which of the following operating systems is open-source?

What does the acronym "GUI" stand for in relation to operating systems?

Which operating system uses the "Kernel" called "Darwin"?

The command "ls" in the command line is used to list files in which OS?

Which of these is NOT a mobile operating system?

Which company developed the UNIX operating system?

In which language is the Windows operating system kernel primarily written?

What is the primary purpose of an operating system's "Task Manager"?

The "Dock" is a feature commonly found in which operating system?

Which of these is NOT a real version of the Windows operating system?

What is the function of the "swap space" in an operating system?

Which of these is NOT a function of an operating system?

Which feature allows multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single computer?